Agarwal Estates: Redefining Luxury

Luxury is not about the expensive material, but priceless creations. An ornate mirror reflects luxury as everything posh, everything impressive, and everything expensive. After all, it is all about comfort, liberty, a freedom of convenience and contentment.
Headquartered in Bangalore, and having branches in the US and Guwahati, Agarwal Estates is Redefining the Trust in the real estate service market. They make sure every detail of what they build is not only of the highest quality but also serves every meticulous purpose.
An Agile Entrepreneur
Manoj Agarwal, Founder of Agarwal Estates, has varied experiences in IT and Telecom industry and has worked in the top-notch companies like Cisco, HP and TCS. He has worked across different geographies and in the US for a large part of his career. Apart from his domain expertise, he has been always focused on process and compliance, and inculcated values like transparency and honesty which helped in his professional as well as personal life.
In 2013, Manoj founded Agarwal Estates with the primary objective to bring about a paradigm shift in the industry, and build a transparent platform for the property buyers and sellers to do business, and provide one-stop solutions for the customers.
Tackling the Challenges

The Real Estate industry is looked at with much distrust by the consumers and is also not seen as a good career choice. Manoj too had the first-hand experience of shoddy services and over promises; more than often, you don’t get what was promised to you. One thing was pretty apparent from the beginning that people do not trust the real estate’s service industry and view it as untrustworthy.
Agarwal Estates was formed to change the perception of the real estate’s service industry, and to provide world class services to the customers just like the major organizations do. They have introduced world-class documentation practices, standardization, checklist and processes which are unheard in the industry; and of course, Manoj’s knowledge and experience in PMP, ITIL and Six Sigma have helped tremendously.
Initially, it was difficult for Agarwal Estates and puzzling to the customers too; because they were giving them the right information to make the right choice, instead of making their choice or forcing them to choose. Hence, acquisition of clients was a hard task for them but fortunately, they started out well and focused on building out their client base gradually through recommendations and referrals.
Unique Strategy

Agarwal Estates’ secret ingredient is “Transparency”, and it attracted customers and became their USP too. While others continued with quoting astronomical figures, making impossible to keep promises and not delivering what is promised, Agarwal Estates ran customer empowerment and awareness programs besides providing all sorts of information required to their clients that enabled them to make decisions with much ease and belief.
In addition, the enterprise offers allied services such as property tax, khata, electric meter transfer, painting, carpentry to name a few. They aspire to empower customers with the right knowledge to enable them to make the right decisions at the right time. While Agarwal Estates’ competitors tend to focus and spend lots of money on marketing and advertisements, they invest in delivery and customer satisfaction. So, the strategy was quite successful as their customers have become their marketing person and refer them to prospective buyers and sellers.
Identifying a Potential Market

Based on extensive research, Agarwal Estates decided to focus on Bangalore. It is the IT city of India with world class amenities and better infrastructure as compared to many other Indian cities and weathers much unlike any other city. Bangalore’s real estate market continued to grow even when there was a lull in the Indian real estate market. And they strongly believe that the real estate market will be bullish in Bangalore for years to come. In addition, Agarwal Estates have a strong relationship with the builders and construction firms and are well aware of the market conditions as well as the areas which have the potential to grow.
Need of the Hour

As consultancies keep registering high profits, buyers, on the other hand, were dismayed with doubt and confusion where cost and documentation were involved in the transactions. And this is the main reason for them to not trust organizations and people involved in the real estate services. This can lead to disastrous consequences for the industry. Hence, the need of the hour is to win back the trust of the customers and to be transparent. Agarwal Estates believes in empowering customers to make informed decisions and desire to bring transparency in the real estate market by injecting trust, clarity and world-class processes in their services.
Going ahead Towards the Future

Due to the innovative and customized solutions, Agarwal Estates have become a major player within a short span of time. They do not advertise, but their reputation grew by the word of mouth. One happy customer led to a new prospective customer, and it continued. Their Facebook review rating, provided by more than 100 customers, has been a constant 4.8+ which is unheard in the industry. Being a transparent organization, Agarwal Estates empower their customers through their Customer Awareness Program. They have been constantly getting acknowledged by their existing customers about the Knowledge they share with them. The future definitely looks brighter and it excites them too.

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