SNN Builders: Fulfilling Your Aspirations

SNN Builders are an impeccable amalgamation of some of India’s brightest minds with expertise ranging from operations in civil engineering to real estate development, from infrastructure to agriculture and as is evidenced by the massive development projects that have heralded this new millennia of Information Technology.
Inception and Growth Story
 Established in 1994, SNN Builders have completed over 40 projects covering more than 12 million sq ft. SNN Builders property development portfolio is diverse in scope and style, attracting considerable interest from not just end consumers but also from many investors.
Since their inception, SNN Builders have made great strides in changing the lifestyle of Bengalureans. Having understood the core philosophy behind comfortable living, they have been constantly innovating to deliver their customers with the best of projects.
The key competitive advantages are SNN’s sound financial backing, availability of large resources and high level of management expertise. SNN’s corporate philosophy is to focus on balancing the evolving needs of a modern city while maintaining and conserving the environment. Most of their ongoing & upcoming projects are located in South Bangalore with a range of 1/2/3/4 BHK residential Apartments & Penthouses.
The Enablers
 Under the headship of Ramesh Agarwal & Sanjay Shah, Managing Directors of SNN Builders, the company has been attaining new heights with every project and continues on an upward growth trajectory. These dynamic businessmen have always possessed the courage and the convictions to follow their heart.
SNN takes pride in their successful journey that has been a result of their stringent focus on numerous aspects of their business, including qualified employees, quality workmanship and financial management, honesty, good subcontractors, customer communications, reputation, and completing projects on time. At SNN, each project is run with clockwork precision to ensure quality and timely delivery.
“Following Ethics”- The Business Mantra
 In a highly competitive industry such as construction, ethical business conduct is not only an advantage, but can prove to be greatly differentiating. SNN adheres to maintaining strict ethical business standards in terms of complying with every provision within contracts as well as maintaining accuracy in documentation. By ensuring complete compliance and creating a system of internal controls, the company is able to promptly address any errors or lapses that may occur.
 SNN’s Engineering Division ensures that every project meets their quality guidelines, from Structural Stability to awarding contracts to their Sub-Contractors, selection of sites, architects, consultants and various vendor partners on the material front. Above everything, SNN ensures that their structural design meets the quality guidelines set forth by the prevailing norms of various Government agencies in Bengaluru. The processes followed by SNN include:

  • Selection of Site and Soil Investigation
  • Structural Design and Execution
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Project Completion Report and Occupancy Certificate

SNN Engineers- The Critical Thinkers
 A major advantage with SNN can be attributed to their talented in-house Engineering Team. A team of over 250 well trained and skilled personnel ensure quality control processes are adhered to and home owners are provided with quality dwelling spaces. Having a large in-house team also serves as a distinct advantage as any problems faced by a home owner post-handover of the apartment can also be immediately rectified.
At SNN, roles of each team and its members have been clearly prioritized. However, the role the civil engineer plays is most vital role as he is entrusted with the responsibility of leading a team of professionals with diverse skills. The civil engineer’s leadership skills are integral to ensuring a project is delivered on time and within budget.
At SNN, it is believed critical thinking is a necessary pre-requisite for the civil engineer as one is often confronted with complex problems. It is therefore essential to identify the most reasonable approach in dealing with them, as well as effectively and accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of possible solutions.
Quality Assurance and Quality Control
 SNN prepares a project specific Quality Control Plan and follows them strictly to ensure that the quality of work executed by the Sub-Contractors are met 100%. The SNN project management team comprising experienced and qualified Engineers undertake the overseeing of the process for Quality Assurance, which includes:

  • Preparation of Checklist of all activities, duly approved by SNN Quality Control Team.
  • Material Testing and Procurement Plan
  • QA / QC observation and surveillance at the site.
  • Regular monitoring of calibration of testing equipment and validation of contractor’s equipment.
  • A laboratory test of concrete and other building material to ensure quality.
  • Periodical internal audits to ensure top notch quality.
  • Daily visit of Senior Management to ensure overall Quality Adherence.

 On the Cutting Edge of Building Tech
 The growth of new technologies in the construction industry is expected to have a significant impact on the way construction is undertaken in the future. With new methodologies, changes may be expected in the composition of the workforce. New construction technologies may require the attainment of new skills or trades with the consequence of establishing new or redesigned training programs.
SNN maintains a forecast of these potential impacts as well as updates on new training methodologies and associated up-skilling. As efficiency codes have come into effect in recent years, new construction technologies and methods have also emerged.

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