AgileIntelli Network India: Creating Safe & Secure Environment by Providing Cutting Edge Solutions

Bharath Dhanaraj Co-founder & Managing Director Syed Abdul Kadar Co-founder & Director Syed Rizwan Co-founder & Chief Sales Offcer Agileintelli Network India | Telecom Solution Provider | business magazine in India

Bharath Dhanaraj | Co-founder & Managing Director | Syed Abdul Kadar | Co-founder & Director | Syed Rizwan | Co-founder & Chief Sales Offcer | Agileintelli Network India

The world’s second largest telecommunication market –India has registered strong growth in the past decade and a half. With over 1.2 billion subscribers and with daily increasing subscriber base, there have been a lot of investments and developments in this sector. An increasing number of choices for subscribers and one of the lowest tariffs in the world have made the cellular services in India attractive for the average consumer.

With the continued focus on outstanding infrastructure creation and manufacturing, AgileIntelli Network India Pvt. Ltd. is witness to the increasing telecommunication market in India. Having a presence in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, it has now started operations in Maharashtra from/starting this financial year (2019-2020).

The company is on a mission to help the customers intelligently manage their IT Infrastructure by providing cutting-edge solutions and thus creating a safe and secure environment in handling their day-to-day activities.

The Trio

Bharath Dhanaraj, Syed Abdul Kadar, Syed Rizwan: This trio of Co-founders has a well-defined area of expertise which has helped the company a lot in achieving its milestones and goals.

Bharath Dhanaraj, Co-Founder and Managing Director has more than fifteen years of experience in solution designing. He has successfully implemented various IT projects for his previous organizations, before Co-founding AgileIntelli Network India. In AgileIntelli, apart from heading the company, he has taken the responsibility of the CTO role.

Syed Abdul Kadar, Co-Founder and Director had more than two decades of experience in Service Delivery, HR and Process implementation in Team Computers, before co-founding AgileIntelli Network India. He heads the Service delivery, Operation and Finance in the company.

Syed Rizwan, Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer holds close to two decades of experience in Business Development & Sales of IT Hardware, Software and Networking Products, before Co-founding AgileIntelli Network India. In Agileintelli, he is responsible for Sales, Business Strategy, Product Alliances and exploring new avenues to increase the sales.

More about the Company

Founded in November 2013, AgileIntelli Network India Pvt. Ltd. is a Unified Network Communication solution provider having excellent resource team of Consultants and Solution Designer, Technology Expert, Project Manager, and Business Professional. A customer-centric company AgileIntelli has a consultative approach with customers. Based on the customer’s requirement, it designs and proposes the right fit product.

With the vision of living up to the Company Values by being more than just a premier purveyor in providing IT Solutions and working with passion to create competitive advantages for the customers while treating the employees and associates with respect and dignity.

Notable Highlights

The whole team at AgileIntelli is striving to provide cutting edge solutions with efficient implementation and post-sales support. This has helped the company to win the confidence of high-profile clientele including defense PSUs.

In addition to IT Networking, Wireless, Surveillance and Security (Data & Network) Solutions, the company is now focusing on different software solutions. The constant focus towards the software solutions like NMS, Helpdesk, Asset management and IDAM, allowed the company to gain the new entries of the customers and upsell to its existing customer base. The recent orders for NMS, Helpdesk, Asset Management and IDAM from the customers have earned AgileIntelli a slot in the list of Outstanding Software Solution providers.

AgileIntelli’s constant effort for endless innovative solutions has helped in overcoming all the challenges. “We feel the solution comes first and then the cost, which can be handled if we have designed the right solution, considering the customer’s pain area and budget.”, says the co-founders of the company. Further, they say –“Being true to the company’s vision statement, we always like to uphold the dignity of each & every member of AgileIntelli by giving them independence & flexibility.”

The Essential Elements

Here are some essential elements of a successful business relationship shared by the co-founders of the AgileIntelli.

  • Consult, Design, Implement fulfilling the customer requirement within the expected budget.
  • Aligning with the right set of OEMs and products.
  • Concrete planning in terms of SOW and post-sales support.
  • Payment to the vendors on time.

Co-founders’ Take on the Emergence of Tech-Enabled Startups

There is a huge increase in the number of tech-enabled start-ups, but there are very few who can create a huge impact. Technology can help in faster scalability, but at the same time meeting customer expectation becomes a bigger challenge. If any firm strikes a balance between technology and customer-centric approach, it can have a better success rate.

Non-Access to funding is also one of the major reasons for the failure of 30% of start-up firms globally, restricting the expansion plans. Most of the tech-enabled start-up have been successful in the past decade, because of their innovative or better approach to Business/Customer and not just their edge on technology.

Also, the success rate of Tech-enabled start-up depends on a good advisory team and human capital which is instrumental in planning the long-term goals and executing the same. Credibility and competence of promoters, as well as all other stakeholders, attract more investments.

Roadmap Ahead

In the coming years, the team of AgileIntelli has decided to focus on getting into the software installation and support services. From the day one, the company is having a clear focus to be in IT Networking, Wireless and Security (Data & Network) Solutions; and it is promising to continue to do so for a while. But, it is also on a constant lookout to go above and beyond.

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