Airtel Leadership Conclave 2019- conceptualized and executed by Akkado

For three years in a row, Akkado has been executing Airtel Leadership Conclave at Dubai. This year around, the venue for the conclave was Atlantis, The Palm – Dubai, which was held from 14th to 16th March 2019. The 3-day event brings the Senior Leadership Team of Airtel under a single roof to celebrate the previous year’s achievements, and to chart the future course of action for the coming financial year.

Akkado has been instrumental in the seamless execution of Airtel Leadership Conclave. The challenge, as always, for Akkado was to create an uninterrupted flow of activities to combine the professional aspect with engagement and entertainment. From the open Q&A session, presentations, motivational speeches, activities, and reward & recognition ceremony, Akkado finely employed its resources to make sure that the event was executed perfectly.

A distinct highlight of this year’s event was the special session by John Foley, a former Blue Angel solo pilot and a famous keynote speaker on leadership.

Abhishek Sharma | Chairman | Akkado | Business MagazineAbhishek Sharma, Chairman of Akkado, speaking on the Airtel Leadership Conclave 2019 shared his experience, “For us, Airtel Leadership Conclave is more than an opportunity to prove our credentials. For 3 years, we have been executing the Airtel Leadership Conclave and now it has become a part of Akkado’s journey as well. Every year we make sure that we give a refreshing experience for all to feel proud of their achievements and through the theme, we ensure they find a renewed joy and vigor to take upon future challenges with a refreshed mind.”

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