Akash Krushnarav Shelke: Creating Ripples in the Real Estate Sector

Akash Krushnarav Shelke | Founder | Shelke Developers[real estate, plotting business, real estate sector, construction]
Akash Krushnarav Shelke | Founder | Shelke Developers

The below excerpt showcases the commendable knacks of Akash Krushnarav ShelkeFounder of Shelke Developers who converted every challenge into an opportunity and reached the epitome of success. 

Kindly brief us about yourself, your initial journey since the beginning of your career?

I Akash Krushnarav Shelke completed my B.Com and then did a course of Building construction (Civil Engineering). My father Mr. Krushnarav Shelke (BABAJI) used to sell dry dates in Mumbai and do farming in village in 1985. After that he thought of coming in the business of real estate or plotting business to be specific. He started the land business in 1997.

After I completed my studies I choose to go for the real estate sector but for building and flats because it had lot more scope and I was able to show my potential in the same.

I first registered the company with the name “Shelke Developers” in the year 2016 and started my work with my first building and then I never stopped, today we have completed total of 4 projects and 2 are ongoing which includes both residential and commercial along with 7 land plotting projects.

What drives you every day to work? Or what is your motivation which pushes you to enhance your performance?

My Main motivation which drives me daily to work is that I want to be a big and trusted name in the industry and want to drive my company’s name to the top.

How does your family contribute to your success? Talk about your family values, the culture which has strongly impacted your professional journey?

I am the eldest son in the family and there was a big challenge for me to do something and set a benchmark for all my younger siblings and motivate them to be successful in life and create a platform for them so that they can also join and grow. I have a joint family and my father and uncle had helped me a lot in my work. My uncle had experience of 20 years in this field and without their support and expertise it would not have been possible for me to work and grow in this sector in such short span of time.

Also they have given me the mantra to work ethically and for the customer and as they say the biggest marketing is done my your customers only and that can be done by gaining their trust only.

Please mention the challenges, issues you have faced in your professional journey and your efforts or solutions you have identified to overcome the challenges.

As I was new to the real estate sector I had no idea about the construction process, material, cost, labor etc. It was really tuff for me to understand the sector and work accordingly in this competitive market. My uncle helped me a lot and my family also supported me due to which I am here.

Kindly describe in detail about your entrepreneurship and its unique services and products.

I have learn with my father and uncle that never use bad quality or local material in your building, construction quality for long lasting buildings, customer satisfaction, customer grievance redressal, and best services and facilities in genuine price.

Brief us about the industry scenario from your perspective.

The real estate sector now a days are not that profitable and the market is down thus there are a lot of builders who try to use bad construction material and the quality of building goes down as they have cut throat competition in the market. They try to find different alternatives to bring the cost down which is not a good practice and will harm the builder and their reputation in the long run.

What would you advise to the budding entrepreneurs?

Never try to save money and compromise with the quality of your product let it be any field, remember that customer is the one who is going to use your product and will become the biggest ambassador of your products and you will never require to market your product thus resulting profile in the long run.

State your passions, aims, and goals.

My main Aim and goal is to be at the top in the real estate market taking my ethics along, and want to be among the top builders in India in coming 4-5 years.

How are you foreseeing the future in terms of expansion of your business, the advent of new technologies and increasing players in the market?

I want to expand the business all over India in coming years and soon get into the luxury sector and economical in residential and commercial as well. I would like to innovate and the give the best at the most reasonable rate possible and create a healthy competition in the market.

What are the technologies that you feel is underrated or overrated in today’s tech-enabled business environment?

There are a lot of technologies which are over and underrated but one of them is less use of red brick in the building and more use of the alternate bricks are underrated and overrated technologies and also I don’t like high rise buildings because they require more maintenance than low rise buildings and the quality is also compromised.

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