Jahanvi, Darshan and Mona – The Designprenuers of the New-Age

Jahanvi, Darshan & Mona | Co-founders | The Magic Beans Design Studio[Designprenuers, design studio, Magic Beans, graphic designing, design industry, design industry in India]
Jahanvi, Darshan & Mona | Co-founders | The Magic Beans Design Studio

India is a country of over a billion people and with very minimal organised brand penetration. As the sky is the limit for exploring infinite opportunities, this is the perfect time for entrepreneurial minds to shape up their aspirations. The design industry in India is growing at a staggering rate of twenty-three to twenty-five percent annually and is only going to get bigger. The appetite and appreciation for aesthetic, well thought out design solutions are growing exponentially in India, as clients and industries as a whole are waking up to the enormous value add of design thinking and execution.

With continuous evolution and creating countless milestones, this excerpt showcases an exciting journey of three ‘besties-turned-entrepreneurs’ having known each other for over three decades.

Jahanvi, Darshan and Mona are the Co-Founders of The Magic Beans Design Studio, headquartered in Mumbai.

The Journey of Fun, Work and Togetherness

Sharing the same schools – primary, middle, and high school and even receiving the BFA degrees from the same art college had created a close-knit bond of friendship. Fuelled by friendship and passion for designing,  this bond eventually turned into a professional commitment once they completed their Master’s degree. Embarking on this adventurous journey in 2012, the trio is striving to reach the epitome of success, all the while learning, exploring and creating!

The trio believes that graphic designing is the perfect amalgamation of science, technology, and creative arts and the team has perfected the art of embracing this blend while extending it to various mediums. Being always taught to strive for excellence has enabled them to keep learning new things and surpassing their limits with each successful completion of projects. Based on the pillars of trust, mutual respect, and admiration, the trio creates a rare synergy that results in mindful, impactful and result-oriented design solutions.

The Staunch Support

Being an all women’s team and having unconditional support from family has driven the core team to fight against all odds. The uncounted support and guidance received have strengthened and encouraged the trio to excel at whatever they do in their life. Right from babysitting to giving financial advice, the support has been rock-solid from the family front.

Sailing Against the Tides

Every entrepreneurial journey is a mixed bag with a bounty of challenges as well as milestones. Speaking about challenges, the team says, “the biggest hurdle is to educate people in business, about the value of design within their respective business models and strategies”. As the designing market is still at nascent stages, it becomes quite tough to convince the clients that crafting quality-enriched and impactful designs requires time. While the trio carries an independent and individual approach, they share a common vision and chip in with personal commitment that excels them to perform as a team.

It all started with a few beans…The Magic Beans

“The morning after, when he stepped outside, Jack saw an amazing sight. A gigantic beanstalk, reaching far into the clouds, had grown overnight”

Backed by a decade of experience and exposure,  The Magic Beans is a name to reckon with in today’s designing industry. This innovative design studio is a hub of creativity that brings ideas to life, with a solid combination of thought and aesthetics, all delivered with uncompromising service. Bringing brands to life by visually translating them across a spectrum of media has been the forte of The Magic Beans.

Right from designing the logo of a product, designing the physical packaging or a designated space or giving a brand new identity to an online product – Magic Beans has no limits. Working in diverse segments – Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Education, Tech, Online Retail, Personal Care and Children’s Publications and Products, it has acquired the industry space with absolute conviction.


The design studio has partnered with reputed clients and brands both at the national and international levels. In its endeavour to deliver the highest standard of quality, originality, and commitment, the team has worked with over 100+ clients and counting.


The Pursuit for Success Continues


With a determined vision to bring global standards of professionalism and execution of design to India, it intends to create awareness and emphasize its importance for startups as well as large corporates. A highly passionate team, the Magic Bean Design Studio aims to bring sensible, sensitive and quality designs to its clientele.

Eyeing the Future

On a parting note, the team is optimistic about the coming days. The team is confident to have a solid client-base by the virtue of its great design, on-time service, and world-class quality. It looks forward to setting up offices globally so that it can provide a more localized experience for their international clients. This further assists in introducing and bringing them closer to Indian designs and culture.

The Team also keeps an eye on the changing dynamics of technology. It firmly believes that trending technologies are useful in creating new designs and for printing, digital, and marketing.

For more info about the core creative team and the exclusive offerings, kindly log on to https://www.themagicbeans.in/.

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