Alibaba’s UCWeb Seeks to grow into a Google, Facebook Alternative in India

Competing to be an alternative to Google and Facebook, Alibaba Mobile business unit UCWeb is banking on its content approval strategy besides assertive the group’s e-commerce and digital entertainment business in India.
“Spirit of our business is lying on the data technology. We trust that UC News is only surface how we implement data technology. It endorses people’s content (for consumption). Instead, Google is allowing people search content. We have our private study and expectation that we will be neck to neck,” Jack Huang, president of overseas business, the Alibaba Mobile Business Group told.
The UCWeb has proclaimed to invest Rs120 cr. to push rule up content business in India. It claims to have traversed 100 million monthly dynamic users in November 2016 and has 57% market share (as per stat counter) in the Indian mobile browser section.
Huang understands India as the most critical overseas market for UCWeb and imagines the investment will help propel the company’s strategy to push mobile internet to an epoch of ‘GUF’ (Google, UCWeb, and Facebook).
Huang thought that from a business angle, he ponders that search engine is still lying at the essence of the entire Google’s ecosystem and they have been cultivating rest of their products created on the search engine ecosystem.
He alleged the company will target at content consumption through UC News where Google and Facebook “to some range are not fiercely targeting at”. “In the future (content recommendation) will be improved than search. That is our essence, we will definitely focus on it. It will lead our way to go down to operating system level in diverse,” Huang said.
He, though, believed that UCWeb does not have “any plans to grow an Operating System in the near future”. Huang whispered that Alibaba has many different wings and UCWeb will do cross wing associations. “In India, we have Alibaba’s e-commmerce successful in and certain other wings from Alibaba digital media and entertainment group also working in. UC will show role as a media traffic platform to upkeep other wings. There will also be anadditional chemistry system of all this,” Huang told.
Talking about disquiets over data privacy, Huang stated the company will strictly follow global laws and laws of the Indian government. “We have previously set up an entire server system in India and all the data we have on our stand will be kept in India only,” Huang added.
Earlier this month, UC News announced a detailed monetary compensation plan for content making. The company has plans to enhance more than 30,000 self publishers, bloggers and key opinion leaders in its user produced content platform ‘We-Media’.

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