Amani Abulaban: A Webteb Dynamism of the Digital Healthcare Expertise in the MENA Region

Amani Abulaban
Amani Abulaban

Today, healthcare is evolving so rapidly that only dynamic and visionary leaders like Amani Abulaban,, the CEO of Webteb, could know that innovation and technology are the keys to addressing complex medical challenges.

With her extensive experience in healthcare management and a passion for leveraging digital solutions to improve patient outcomes, Amani is transforming Webteb into a leading force in the Middle Eastern healthcare sector. As a beacon of leadership and ingenuity, she is poised to significantly impact the future of healthcare in the region and beyond.

An Oasis of Health and Wellness Knowledge

Webteb is the most reputable and visited platform for health and wellness information in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). As of now, millions of users from across the Arab world visit its platforms (website, mobile app, and social media) daily to make intent-based search inquiries and get trusted information for their health and wellness inquiries.

Amani says they are committed to helping people live healthier lives by giving them authentic, reliable and culturally appropriate information they need. “Our content, which healthcare professionals develop, covers many subjects such as health tips, disease-related content, advice on wellness, mental health, and preventive care.”

All of the platforms they employ are there to ensure that their users can easily access the information that they need, which helps them make the best decisions for their health.

As a trailblazer in the healthcare world, taking us back to the beginning of her journey, Amani says that the strong inner wish to help those who suffer and have her work mean something genuine that was the driving force behind her march into healthcare and study Pharmacy. “Having worked for the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca and MSD in the early days, I was deeply touched by the great influence of advanced medical products on the astonishing cures they delivered.” Realizing that there is a real gap in the reliable Arabi health and wellness information on the internet and that technology in the region was not fully used for the healthcare sector, particularly health and wellness education through the MENA market, This was a new drive for Amani, eventually bringing her to Webteb. “Here, I can afford to use my healthcare, marketing, and digital transformation abilities to add value to one of the millions of Arabic speakers that use our platforms,” she says.

The Guiding Philosophy

According to Amani, the success of Webteb is primarily based on its commitment to providing the Arab world with reliable, up-to-date Arabic health and wellness information. The unifying idea of Webteb is bringing in the information which people need to make decisions that lead to a healthy lifestyle, thus increasing the chances of quality health and life. She adds, “Our main focus is always on bringing knowledge through education and giving out trustworthy, well-researched information, written by healthcare professionals, that is adapted particularly to the Arabs for easier understanding. We appreciate that healthy people can make better, more productive decisions in their social lives.”

By utilizing the best technological trends and a deepened knowledge of the MENA region, they guarantee that their readers will not just speak about what is new but also ensure that their content is informative, cultural, and engaging. “Besides our dedication to perfectness, our cooperation with some of the most advanced medical centres globally, such as Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and UCLA Health and top medical institutions and healthcare professionals in the MENA region, another reason for that we remain the top health platform in the region, aiding millions of Arab users via our website, mobile app, and social media platforms.”

Evolutionary Ethos

The healthcare landscape constantly evolves, and Amani emphasizes that staying ahead requires a proactive approach. At Webteb, they cultivate a culture of continuous learning and innovation, heavily investing in research to keep up with the latest in health tech and digital health. Their team, consisting of top specialists in healthcare, technology, and AI, works together to create and integrate novel solutions. Utilizing robust analytics and feedback mechanisms, they ensure they remain at the forefront of the healthcare industry.

Amani’s leadership at Webteb is recognized for its inclusivity and teamwork. She fosters an environment where all team members feel valued and motivated. Promoting creativity and teamwork, they aim to enhance health with a shared vision. Training, coaching, and support are central to their mission, helping new employees recognize their potential. Their participative leadership approach has been pivotal to Webteb’s success.

Achieving Digital Excellence: Webteb Provides Holistic B2B Solutions for Health and Wellness Institutions

Webteb provides a wide range of specialized services designed to meet the needs of companies in the health and wellness sector.

*Targeted Advertising:

~Contextual Audience Targeting: Webteb offers contextual audience targeting, enabling businesses to place personalized ads on high-traffic pages. This precision targeting enhances the impact of marketing campaigns by reaching the right audience.

~Webteb Pro: For healthcare professionals, Webteb Pro offers advertising opportunities through a platform that includes the largest directories for physicians in MENA, medical news, and more. This helps in building brand awareness among specialists and healthcare providers.

*Healthcare Marketing:

~Lead Generation: Webteb helps healthcare organizations attract and convert the right consumers by targeting individuals actively seeking care. This includes personalized messaging and delivering ads through preferred channels.

~Awareness Campaigns and Microsites: Webteb designs custom campaign landing pages and microsites focused on conversion, featuring key messages and effective calls-to-action to drive engagement.

*Content and Engagement:

~Health Education Content: Webteb excels in creating high-quality educational content for various healthcare institutions, including hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, and pharmaceutical companies. “Our content spans various formats, including articles, podcasts, videos, and interactive content, ensuring effective communication and engagement with diverse audiences. These resources are used to engage and educate patients, promoting population health and supporting marketing initiatives at scale.”

~Technology Building and SEO Services: Webteb offers robust SEO services to help companies achieve distinguished visibility on search engines by building SEO-optimized websites and mobile apps.

*Analytics and Privacy:

~Webteb Analytics: Webteb supports high-performance marketing while ensuring user privacy, providing businesses with the data and insights needed to refine and improve their marketing strategies.

Delivering Users-Centric Content

Amani adds that innovation, combined with high user expectations, is a process of thinking and shaping your users lives through the UX/UI and content they need. Thus, it is more about listening and delivering. At Webteb, they appreciate the efforts and faith of their readers and have therefore built an outstanding platform for which they frequently get rewarded. They have engineered various tools that are helping them to look deeply into the actions and preferences of the users in every country. Among the highest online traffic outrunning in MENA, they routinely study the search inquiries on their platform to gain unique insights into their users’ preferences. Amani shares that they use a data-driven approach that warrants them maintaining relevance and attractiveness and, not to forget, a cater-to-need mode for the readers. Adhering to allowing the articles to be of high quality, pertinent content, and accessible to users, they make strides in meeting and exceeding their expectations. “The consistency of our commitment to our users’ unique experience and our meticulous quality control processes keeps us among the top-tier technology companies,” she states.

The Crucial Aspect

Sustainability is pivotal in contemporary healthcare. Amani highlights that, as a digital health platform, Webteb inherently supports ecological sustainability by minimizing paper usage through digital communications. They actively promote a green lifestyle, emphasizing electronic interactions over paper. Moreover, Webteb advocates for environmental health by educating their audience on sustainable living and partnering with organizations dedicated to environmental initiatives.

Webteb’s success is evident in initiatives like the Colon Cancer Awareness Campaign, the largest digital campaign in the MENA region. This effort significantly raised awareness and increased screening rates, demonstrating Webteb’s commitment to using digital tools for impactful health improvements.

A Techno-Advanced Rise

Amani explains that Webteb’s operations are heavily technology-driven. To enhance customer experience and visibility, they employ advanced analytics, AI, and a user-friendly, SEO-optimized content management system. They also ensure content credibility by involving healthcare professionals in content creation and balancing technological innovation with content accuracy.

Amani emphasizes the importance of employee growth and empowerment through continuous training and development, addressing industry challenges, and fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. This focus addresses industry challenges and high-demand skills. They promote a creative and supportive atmosphere that encourages innovative ideas, boosts team morale and motivation, and contributes to their success. This supportive environment boosts team motivation and self-esteem, contributing to Webteb’s success in the digital health sector.

Outplaying Obstacles

As a leader in MENA’s healthcare sector, Amani says that one of the key challenges is the fast-paced digital and content sphere and the change in user preferences, such as the preference for reels and video types of content. “This makes us reconsider our content strategy, such as focusing on interactive content, videos, and podcasts.”

A recent example is the introduction of the “Meet the Pioneers” podcast series, the biggest health and wellness-oriented podcast in MENA. This new approach to the audience granted Amani and her team increased personal interaction time as they showed their appreciation for being flexible and inventive in a dynamic market.

Also, the pandemic underscored the critical need for reliable health information. At Webteb, they rapidly adapted by enhancing their digital content and outreach efforts to address the evolving needs of their audience. They launched targeted awareness campaigns, provided real-time updates, and developed resources to support mental and physical health during the pandemic. By leveraging their digital infrastructure and expertise, they ensured business continuity and reinforced their trusted health information provider role during a crisis. “As a result, we enjoyed a peak in traffic during COVID-19, further solidifying our impact and reach.”

A Holistic Strategy

Amani highlights that Webteb’s vision aligns with the GCC’s longevity goals and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, focusing on improving life quality through reliable health and wellness content tailored for the Arab world. Webteb’s multidimensional approach combines modern technology with holistic health information, covering a broad range of topics from physical and mental health to preventive care while prioritizing data security and user privacy. They empower users to make informed decisions, enhancing general health awareness and reducing lifestyle diseases.

Webteb builds strong relationships with stakeholders like medical professionals and policymakers, ensuring their offerings meet high medical standards. With over 12 years of experience engaging with Arab users in localized Arabic, Webteb excels in delivering trusted content. They are pioneers in MENA with a large language model for health, developing the most extensive Arabic health and wellness dataset, which supports accurate AI-driven solutions. Their users-centric approach ensures they consistently deliver significant value in the healthcare industry.

Fostering a Global Healthcare Wisdom

To budding entrepreneurs wishing to enter the healthcare niche, Amani’s prime advice is to define their intentions and understand their influence on the healthcare field. ‘Be sure to indicate your value to the population and consistently demonstrate your commitment to the mission of life improvement. Finding the needs and solving the problems of your specific group should be your priority while creating new technologies. Information and new findings are the sources from which you can derive more knowledge. Using a customer-centric approach is the key to success, combined with a passion to make a positive impact in the market.’

Looking ahead, Amani’s vision for Webteb is to continue being a transformative force in the MENA region’s healthcare landscape and beyond. “We aim to expand our reach, bringing more localized and accessible health information to Arabic speakers worldwide. We aspire to be a global player in digital health, leveraging our unique blend of healthcare expertise, technological innovation, and deep understanding of the MENA region,” she says. By continuing to deliver trusted, high-quality content and services, they will drive positive health outcomes and empower individuals to lead healthier lives. “Ultimately, our goal is to create a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape, regionally and globally,” she concludes.

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