Amazon acquired Israeli Storage Tech Start-up E8 Storage

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Retail US giant Amazon has acquired Isarali storage start-up E8 Storage which provides rack-scale flash storage for enterprise and software-defined cloud. With this acquisition, E8’ employees will start working for Amazon’s existing AWS data centers. According to the sources, Amazon buy E8 for $50 to $60 million. Most of the employees of E8 are based in Israel. The company’s co-founder and CEO Zivan Ori is based in San Francisco another co-founder Alex Friedman is based in Israel.
Today, Amazon is the leader the field of could infrastructure, staying ahead of Microsoft, Google and others. According to the independent reports, in 2018 AWS controlled 47.8% of the public cloud market, while Microsoft had and Alibaba held 15.5%, 7.7% Respectively. AWS has considered as vital profit provider for Amazon. This acquisition will help AWS in designing custom infrastructures to meet its own needs.
E8 specializes in hardware which uses flash storage for fast performance. The company’s hardware products helping in increasing performance up to 10 times of other all-flash-arrays, with low latency and consistently strong performance. The company’s affordable, reliable and scalable solution is ideally suited for the most demanding low-latency workloads, including real-time analytics, financial and trading applications, genomics, and large-scale file systems. Its high-performance NVMe-oF certified storage delivers record-breaking performance at half the cost of existing storage products. Founded in 2014, E8 has raised $12 million from numerous organization including Accel, Magma Venture Partners and Vertex Ventures.
Previously, amazon bought Israeli data centre hardware company Annapurna in 2015. The company pumped out hardware such as chips for ARM-based computing instances that are available on AWS.
Amazon is putting the best step forward to make sure it stays ahead of the competition as a result it has made cloud and storage one of its top priorities.

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