American startup ELSA Corp. has a new office in India with Mr. Manit Parikh as country head

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ELSA Corp, the parent company of the English language app, ‘ELSA Speak’ has a new office in India now. Earlier in September, the American startup appointed Mr. Manit Parikh as the country head. The India team is responsible for bringing in ‘ELSA Speak’ to native English speakers with a vision of helping them improve and polish their American English.
India is a diverse country with over 22 major languages with over 720 dialects. The majority of its population considers English to be a second language. With global businesses and markets operating in English, particularly American English, even British English speaking populations are adapting to such trends.
Having spent over 14 years in various fintech organisations, Mr. Manit Parikh, as country head, envisions ELSA Speak as not just any other English language app. He believes that ELSA has the potential to transform not just Indian education and businesses but also help empower the tourism sector. “With the world getting smaller, and companies going global, we are hit hard by the realities associated with communication and language. Though we are all native speakers of English, there is still a huge population amongst us that is not be able to communicate things effectively. ELSA will help bridge those gaps,” he says.
Mr. Manit leads the team along with Mr. Ritesh Monnappa, Head of Sales and Ms. Meenal Doogar, Head of Marketing from the city of technological innovation, Bengaluru. The team is working to bring ELSA into tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India, with the idea of creating equal opportunities at workplaces.
About ELSA Corp:
ELSA Corp. is a rising star startup founded in San Francisco by Vu Van and Xavier Anguera. The company’s vision is to enable everyone to speak foreign languages with full confidence, which helps to reach a better life and career opportunities. ELSA Corp’s product ELSA Speak is an AI backed mobile app that has recently received a $ 7 million fund from Google. ELSA Speak aims to help users learn, improvise and better their English through narrative modules and sessions.
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