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An eminent Indian law firm based out of Ahmedabad is AMLEGALS Solutions which is an ISO 9001:2015 certified full-service firm. The firm is engaged in handling litigation and offering non-litigation services. The company’s precise business acumen is providing utmost satisfaction to MNC’s, SME’s, Service Providers, and many more that are carrying out business worldwide.

About the Head Honcho
Anandaday Misshra is the Founder of AMLEGALS who established the company in 2005. He holds an enriching experience for almost two decades in Litigation and Advisory. He is a practicing advocate and frequently appears before various High Courts in India and of late in the Supreme Court as well. Apart from this, Anandaday is a prominent speaker on various laws and the issues related to it. He has published many research papers on numerous laws along with being the author of a book on GST in the year 2017 which is entitled as ‘GST Laws and Procedure’ published by TAXMANN.

Exclusive Taxation Services under One Roof
AMLEGALS possesses specialization in Advisory and Litigation in Indirect Taxes i.e. GST in India. It offers research-based proactive service in GST and previous indirect taxes. The company’s expert team of lawyers meticulously handles Litigation in Supreme Court, High Courts, Tribunals, and other Appellate Authorities countrywide. They advise and handle tax litigation in various countries of the world, too.

AMLEGALS primarily focuses on two issues i.e. Preventive Litigation in GST and Pre-GST litigation. The company has been providing advisory services along with being a core litigation law firm for almost two decades in the area of indirect taxation. It often works as the knowledge partner in various educational workshops, conferences & seminars on GST/VAT along with handling VAT in various countries including countries in GCC.

Benefitting Clients through Knowledge Sharing
AMLEGALS has conducted various GST conferences in major cities of India even before the GST regime was introduced in the country. During such conferences, the firm focused on the grey areas of GST along with the precedents in other parts of the world where GST/VAT was running for many years. AMLEGALS’ clients are benefitted by the company’s well-researched ex-parte counsel opinion as well as its proactive Preventive Litigation in GST and Pre-GST Litigation services with equal expertise.  “Our opinion and anticipations in GST are a reality and our clients have acknowledged the same at times and this is the biggest award for us”, expresses Anandaday proudly.

Interpreting the Emerging Indian Economy
AMLEGALS believes that there are a lot of factors which are contributing to the economy at the micro and macro level as a lot of radical developments have taken place in the past two years. It is equally affected by international policies as the Federal Reserve began its quantitative easing program and lowered down the rate of interest. This has ultimately led to strengthening the value of the dollar which apparently reduced the value of rupee. Also, it has been considered that demonetization in the year 2016 affected the Indian Economy through the Liquidity Side because 86% of the currency in circulation was withdrawn without replacing at that given point of time.

Words of Wisdom
Anandaday advises that every businessman should understand the implications of GST from the beginning point to the end operational point so that proper taxation process would be executed. In addition, the team of AMLEGALS believes that GST regime is the game changer and it is going to transform the business dynamics thoroughly.

We encourage that our clients take informed decision and this results in making our advice as pro-active and well researched so that clients can bank upon us at any given point of time”, asserts Anandaday.

Forecasting an Emerging Future with GST
It is being predicted that GST will boost the GDP of Indian Economy by 1 to 1.5% in the coming years as all the indirect taxes in the earlier regime such as VAT, CST, Service tax, CAD, SAD, Excise etc. are merged into a single tax which is the ‘GST’. It is also been believed that GST will remove the cascading effect of taxes which are termed as double tax or tax on tax and will fill the broken link at various stages of the supply chain. This complete scenario will result in creating level playing market for Indian products as equal as the international market.
The GST Regime has just started and this will render biggest litigations that India has ever had in taxation. Good GST consultants will have a rewarding career in future”, concluded Anandaday. With the extensive experience in the field, AMLEGALS aims to maintain pro-active Advisory in GST to prevent the client from unwarranted litigations and liabilities.

AMLEGALS is expanding its presence in multiple cities with its own offices, although it is already operating through its time-tested associates professionals in fourteen cities of India and the GCC.
Source :-The 10 Most Prominent GST Consultants in 2018

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