Animation Studio: The Best Visualization Solutions Provider for Your Real Estate Business

The perfect blend of technology and imagination….this is the essence of success behind Animation Studio. Animation Studio has been serving architects, real estate companies in architectural visualization, rendering, and walkthrough. It is an award-winning and professionally managed 3D Animation Company in India.
Today, visualization solutions are a key aspect of Real Estate Marketing. At Animation Studio, they provide a wide range of excellent architectural visualization services in a quick time frame at affordable prices.
Their work spans clients based in India and Europe, giving them an insight into both, domestic and international markets. With deft communication skills and processes developed over time, they coordinate smoothly over the internet with clients around the world. Their location in a Tier III city in India and an enviable pool of reusable library models allow them to keep costs lower and output quicker than most other top 3D companies in the country.
The company is based in the vibrant & beautiful state of Goa, on the west coast of India. They have marketing and coordination offices in Mumbai and Zurich (Switzerland). They are not just an outsourcing destination but they also take up works from India and neighbouring Asia.
Magnate in the Foreground
 Balkrishna Kamat, CEO & Founder of Animation Studio, and his wife Virangini had a vision and took the plunge and set up Animation Studio to bring about a change in the Real Estate Marketing. Balkrishna holds a BE degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Goa University. Prior to the inception of Animation Studio, he worked with Fomento Group and Anant Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.
Balkrishna, coming from a Mechanical Engineering background, and his wife from an Architectural field, decided to club their knowledge and setup the studio. Despite not having trained staff, the husband and wife duo were persistent and patient and slowly began gaining momentum.
Looking ahead, in 2011 Balkrishna saw the opportunities aplenty. The company started its operations in Mumbai & Pan India with Paras Trivedi as Managing Partner heading the Creatives and Business Development. Looking ahead, the dynamic trio plans to set up offices in Dubai and Singapore as well.
Triumph Cruise
As a company, Animation Studio focuses on architectural visualization. “When we started the company, we have begun with a vision to raise the bar on 3D animation services and 3D architectural facilities in Goa and in India,” says Balkrishna. Looking back on their journey, the company grew from just the husband – wife duo to a team of 30 highly trained professionals who maintain creativity, even when taking on large-scale projects.
Recalling their first project, Balkrishna states that they started with Mechanical Engineering animations for the Fomento Group, who were one of their first clients. Balkrishna also recalls how at the time, animation walkthroughs were practically unheard of, and Architect Dennis Coelho gave them their big break to develop a video for him.
Prominent Clientele
At Animation Studio, their works spans a plethora of architectural visualizations for Residential Towers, Residential Complexes, Industrial Parks, large and small Villa Projects, Theme Parks, Commercial Establishments, Hotels, etc.
Balkrishna says that the firm completes close to 100 projects in a year. Among their illustrious list of clients, include the likes of Acron Group, Alcon Group, Alcon Victor, Risara Developers, Trident Developers, Kamat Constructions, Commonwealth Developers, Akar Developers, Fomento Group, Mathias Constructions, Jai Bhuvan Developers Developers, Models Constructions, Milroc, Ashray Developers and B F Homes.
They also have to their credit Pan Indian clients which include ADLABs Entertainment Ltd., IIT Mumbai, IDC, UPSIDC (UP Government), Skyline Group, Dheeraj Group, Sheth Realty, Marigold, Aryan One, Nisarg Nirman, RNA, Puranik Constructions, Kabra Group, Manisha Developers, Classic Homes, Vastav Group and Hiranandani Group, and many leading architects from Mumbai and pan India.
Besides their in-house team of designers and specialists, they also work with some of the best and biggest names in the industry including Film Makers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Music Producers, Voice over Artists and lots more. These helped them to create stunning visuals using the best of technology.
More recently, the company has used aerial photography and videography to showcase the real estate project. They used a technology called camera tracking, where they superimposed a 3D virtual building to a live Aerial shoot. Balkrishna also says that the company creates walkthrough presentations with a live presenter. This is done by shooting a model against a green screen and then Chroma keying the virtual walkthrough.
The Strongest Dream Team Ever
 “If you can dream it you can do it”– Walt Disney.
Paras believes that creativity has no limits. The Creative Team led by Paras Trivedi the Creative Director has two production departments, Photo-realistic rendering, and Motion graphics; in both the departments they have preproduction teams, production teams, and post production teams. The preproduction team for motion graphics conceptualizes the presentation, makes storyboards, write scripts, develops models, the production teams execute the work seamlessly as per the concept, and the post production teams execute the special effects, 2D animations, and other post productions for the motion graphics. They also work in Print Media & Digital Media.
Aiming to be the best in their field, Animation Studio follows a process, which ensures that their works are perfect. The inputs which are received in the form of CAD drawings are converted into 3D models. From there, they are textured, animated if necessary, apt lighting effects are added, the visual is rendered and then taken into post production. He also states that their vision is to achieve client satisfaction and ensure delivery of work up to the high standards that they promise.
Over the last 10 years, their growth has been phenomenal. Not only has their team grown, their expertise in Infrastructure, Still and Animated visualization, Audio Visual Real Estate Presentations, Product Visualization, Website Development and other interactive 3D for the web has grown, too.
The Next Venture- Korolla Multimedia
 Veering away from the architectural side of animation, the duo recently launched Korolla Multimedia Pvt. Ltd. which specializes in Product Visualization, e-Learning Safety Films, Medical Animations, and Story Boarding Services. Korolla Multimedia is funded by an investment from Switzerland and has funds flowing in at regular intervals as well as work from Europe.
Korolla, says Balkrishna, focuses a lot on Product Visualizations, with IFB Industries Ltd. as one of their major clients. Their focus also lies in story boarding which is essential for a smooth flow of events, actions, and expressions. Recently, they have ventured into Medical Animation as well. The highly creative team even conceptualizes animated invitations.
The team with domain knowledge in product and medical animation, safety films, and 2D whiteboard animations are based in India and serve the Indian market; however, they execute a lot of outsourced 2D and 3D animation work from Europe.
 Stunning Works
 In a short span of time, the company has managed to work with the leading companies in India and Asia. To their credit, they have created a Film on road safety for the Oman Government, which runs on their local channel. They have also developed Animated Safety Films for Cipla and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
“From detailed surgical procedures to extensive drug or device mode-of-action presentations to broadcast features, the range of films we can create is wide and entirely devoted to medical and scientific imaging. Our medical and scientific animations are used by the pharma companies to explain the working of their drugs to doctors; hospitals use them to explain procedures, disease, and defects to patients and they can also be used by science teachers to explain concepts to students,” says Balkrishna.
More recently, Korolla has tied up with Tally Safety Solutions from Mumbai, a well renowned safety training consultancy to venture into e-Learning and customized animated safety films to be used for safety training for all industries.
Korolla has worked with large corporate clients as well as small start-ups. Their attitude is professional, be the project is large or small. Projects come in all sizes. Whether it is petal-sized with tight budgets and tight deadlines or an epic production with many colours, everything they do is naturally crafted with flashes of creative energy and imagination.
Work Hard Dream Big
Colin Powell quoted once, “A Dream doesn’t become reality through magic;
It takes sweat, determination & hard work”
As the largest animation company in Goa, Balkrishna admits that the initial days were tough. “There was no awareness and people did not understand the advantage of service like ours. We had to work hard to convince them. We shot to fame when an architect won an award for the visual representation of his project and people began to see the benefits of the architectural visualization. We built a market for ourselves and today the demand for our service is steadily growing,” he says.
The work at Animation Studio has been recognized in India and abroad. They have been awarded an ISO 9001:2008 certification by accreditation authority Sisbel in Turkey. Through this, their processes are certified to be the best, in which they maintain client data secrecy and data backups.
Among their biggest achievement till date is their award for the Best Architectural Visualization Services for Goa and Maharashtra Region from the BIG Brands Research and their ISO 9001:2008 QMS certifications.The trio believes that there is no alternative to hard work and creativity has no limits. There are profuse opportunities. A lot of new technologies are coming out like 3DVR, Interactive Touch Screens, Holobox, and 3D printing. Animation Studio has started venturing into the above areas.

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