Clickcode Media: An Entrenched Team with Creative Minds

“In our animation we must show only the actions and reactions of a character, but we must picture also with the action. . . the feeling of those characters.” These are the words of the pioneer in Animation Industry, Walt Disney. CLICKCODE MEDIA is an Indian Animation company which harmonizes stunning creativity and state-of-the-art technology for etching lifelike characters.
At Clickcode Media, they value and understand the purpose of the Animated Videos they create for any client. Most of the businesses confer with the team to make Explainer Videos for them mainly to explain their products or services to their audience, a majority of them being their website visitors and social media followers. Clickcode tends to create videos that will keep the audience interested till the last second of the video. This means videos that they make have more chances of selling the products or services of their customers.
Clickcode Media is a one stop solution for animation development in packages which include concept, script and storyboard development, and voice-over along with the animation part. So the clients need not have to go searching for script development or voice over services separately.
Any creative work usually gets better with the excess of time you spend with it. However, the eminent team at Clickcode Media usually delivers the project within the deadline set by the client without compromising on the desired quality of the output.
Clickcode Media recently got recognized as the Most Promising Upcoming Digital Marketing Agency of the year 2016.
Stick to Responsibilities
A goal with a deadline turns out to be perfect, and quality is the paramount aspect of any project Clickcode Media undertakes. To meet the deadlines and never to compromise on quality, Clickcode team takes this seriously and communicate estimates of practical timelines required in prior when a new project comes up. But they have also worked day-night on projects with very tight deadlines and have managed to get the desired output and appreciation from the clients.
At their studio, the creative team has the freedom to keep experimenting with new styles- the factor which many are lacking. They are also encouraged to follow industry news as well as expert contents to always be updated.
The Ritzy Services Propounded
Clickcode Media creates engaging videos that can explain the concept, products or services. With technology, the ethics and lifestyle of humankind have also changed. Products and services need to be marketed online or via television, in order to reach out to them. The busy life schedules and novel gadgets in hands have revolutionized the idea of promotions. Clickcode Media has helped hundreds of businesses take advantage of Promotional Videos.
The team offers many different styles of videos including but are not limited to Motion graphics Animation, Whiteboard Animation, 2D/ 3D Animation, Stop-motion, etc.
The Creator of Clickcode
Nikhil Doddamane, Founder and CEO of Clickcode Media incorporated the company 3 years ago. Nikhil dropped out of college while pursuing his Engineering degree, as his business started picking up when he had started the business during his college days. With immense interest in Web Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Nikhil chose his career in Digital Marketing and Animation Industry and is being successful in it.
Nikhil asserts, “I’m an observer of how things move around and how people behave to a change. And henceforth during my academics itself, I started to realize, if I have to be successful, I need to build up something out of my own talent and channelize it to those who need it. I began to understand market potentials of various products and services and tried a couple of ventures too.”
As a CEO, Nikhil has multiple responsibilities to take care of and one of them is ensuring the efficiency at work. Nikhil manages this by assigning roles and responsibilities to qualified individuals in the organization, gives them a team and makes sure they get their part of work done on a daily basis.
He has enforced agile method of working which has made the work life systematic and efficient. Nikhil gets involved in most of the project conversations, talks to almost everyone on a daily basis, discusses the challenges they are facing and try to ease it with expert advice.
Nikhil ensures the staff’s comfort to work. They have an open workspace where the staff can spend time on their desk or on the couch with a cup of tea. He has idealized the importance of quality of the work the team does and how that helps them to grow as a team. He encourages them to conduct weekly discussions and fun activities to ensure everyone is happy with what they are doing and are at their productive best. Keeping the customers happy is Nikhil’s motto and everyone in the organization understands its importance.
A Moment to Remember
Every project that Clickcode Media takes will have new challenges to face and new things to learn in the process. However, they think that the ones with the shortest deadlines are the most difficult to handle.
Nikhil explains an instant, “A requirement suddenly came up from HP on a typical Friday evening and we did not want to say NO. They wanted us to develop 3 minutes of Motion Graphics – Explainer Video and deliver it before Monday evening. We just had 3 day’s time to work. One of the animators had already left to his hometown for the weekend. There was less time to think, multiple people to give feedback every few hours, and no time to sleep. This was an absolute challenge. However, the video went live in front of thousands of people on Tuesday morning as scheduled. We had our phase of frustration. We understood their urgency. But we remained calm and managed to do all the revisions as suggested. They were happy in the end. All that we could do was to smile, go home, and take a long sleep after three days of striving.”
This is one of the incidents where Clickcode has managed to deliver on a very tight deadline with the desired output quality. Efficient teamwork always pays off.
Clickcode’s Fortitude
Nikhil believes that his greatest strength is the skilled team who understands the importance of a happy customer and a quality video helping another business to improve. Most of the projects come to them through referrals on a regular basis. That itself is making them confident in what they do and help them grow as an organization. Moreover, their determination of creating Quality Results, Timely Delivery, and Dedicated Customer Support boost up their self-confidence and strengthen them to face the challenges boldly.
Helping Businesses to Grow
Clickcode Media has served over 150 clients from various sectors and the list includes Hewlett-Packard, 3M, Shell, Ayurcentral, and a few startups funded by Accel Partners. They call themselves a Digital Marketing Agency with Animation Services as a prime offering. Helping businesses to get more business is what they do at Clickcode Media where the team designs and executes online marketing campaigns which let their customers reach, engage, sell, and build a lasting relationship with their target market.

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