Apple most popular in India after Samsung


Owning an Apple product never goes out of style for Indians. Though the Apple market was down for sometime, it is now back with a bang. According to the recent IDC reports, this Cupertino based tech mogul has now made its way into its large clientele: India.

DTC stated in one of its reports that in the fourth quarter of 2019 Apple had already established an impressive 75.6% market share for the premium segment. During the year of 2019, Apple had emerged as the number one tech giant beating Samsung.

IDC attributed this growth to alleged price drops on the past generation models, credit card and debit card bank offers, a strong e-tailer sales momentum and a lower price launch of the iPhone 11 as compared to the iPhone XR. The price difference was major, as the iPhone 11 was launched at a starting price of Rs 64,900 whereas the iPhone XR was launched at a price of Rs 76,900.

The element triggering the growth of Apple had been the drop in the price of its models. Apple’s resurgence in India has been a sensitive issue as India is the only country with a market that focuses on value for money. Navkendar Singh, research director, client research and IPDS stated that the strategy behind this growing business was their right marketing at the right price.

He also stated that one could buy the iPhone XR at the nominal price of Rs45,000 throughout the year and as long as this range continues, the crowd will continue flowing.

In the middle of the Apple and Samsung fiasco, another rival amongst then OnePlus is missing. OnePlus is a mid-term operator that has phones ranged above $500. With its right prices and cashback options, Apple has garnered the attention of the Indian audience.

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