Arena uses the NINA device to serve Liquor.

NINA device

The Sacramento Kings Arena would let its guests make their own drinks as they have installed internet connect gadgets to the neck of all the bottles so as to keep in check how much alcohol all of their guests have consumed. This bottle pours out a restricted amount of liquor per guest. This process was initiated at the Golden Center.

This would be a good idea for the venue as this would reduce staffing costs tremendously and also make liquor ordering very effective. It is still not very clear as to why the guests who would pay $1500 to $15000 would want to make their own drinks like in the store, but the Arena states that this would reduce their time spent waiting in lines.

The device works in the following pattern. There would be an attached tablet and the guests could select whichever drink they want and they NINA device on the bottles would light up to signify that the particular bottle had been unlocked. This device also keeps tabs on the amount of alcohol consumed by a particular guest in the arena.

The team has thought of this NINA device to be a game-changer. They want to instill the idea of the cashier-less store idea with this innovation so that wealthy people could have a hassle-free process for a few things.

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