Artificial Intelligence Connect-2018

Artificial Intelligence

19th April 2018 Mumbai, India

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing everything that humankind has experienced before, from the way we live, work and relates to one another. As Artificial intelligence ameliorates human life, it is also becoming an integral part of everyday applications. From voice controlled assistance to self-driven cars in development, AI brains behind every computer software. Artificial Intelligence in Indian Market is quick becoming the cynosure in solving some of the most crucial problems faced by the enterprises as well as customers. From augmenting profitability to improving employee productivity, artificial intelligence has become the yardstick for new era business.
With plethora of opportunities and transcendent potential, artificial intelligence opens a world of possibilities. The need for a platform that brings together the experts, technocrats, disruptive solutions and solution seekers is more relevant today than ever before.
Artificial Intelligence Connect 2018 is India’s fastest growing technology conference bringing together the most intriguing innovators and world technology leaders at one single platform.  AI connect is the platform realizing the potential of artificial intelligence and the positive impact it will have on the businesses. The summit will bring together top CxOs, business intelligence, data leaders and quintessential AI pioneers from around the globe. As India’s foremost event in this spectrum, AI Connect brings together the technology leaders and top policy makers to explore how AI is transforming business operations, reworking business strategy and devising new approach for growth. Backed by enlightening panel discussions, keynotes designed specifically to help stakeholders gain insights into application of AI; this initiative provides the perfect window to harness the power of AI’s disruptive technology to enrich organizational growth.
AI Connect 2018 will be hosted in Mumbai, India on 19th April, 2018. The conference is expected to host 120+ leaders from across India. Over the one day conference, AI Connect will facilitate one to one meetings between technology leaders and solution seekers, speed networking exercises, informative panel discussions and key note presentations accentuating pivotal topics such as “Blockchains for Artificial Intelligence”, Digital transformation catapulted by AI & Machine Learning”, “Chatbots-Building neural conversational agents” among others.
The eminent line of speakers include Mr. Jesse Damiani (CEO, Galatea, San Francisco, California),Mr. Jaspreet Bindra (Senior VP Digital transformation/Chief Digital Officer,Mahindra Group), Mr. Syed Atif Umar (Senior VP – Data Science ,Citi Bank), Mr. Ankur Narang (Senior Vice President-Technology & Decision Sciences, Yatra Online Pvt. Ltd.), Mr. Deepak Sharma(Chief Digital Officer-Kotak Mahindra Bank), Mr. Manish Gupta (Director-Machine Learning  Data Science), Mr. Saeer Jain (Director – Digital Strategy & Customer Engagement), Mr. Avik Sarkar (Head- Data Analytics Cell, NITI Ayog) among others, will share their profound knowledge on the specifics which molds the industry.
AI Connect is designed to discuss the latest trends in industry by bringing together technology leaders and quintessential tech innovators from around the globe at one single platform.
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