Arun Kumar: An Agile Articulator of Business and Leadership

Entrepreneurship is a rush. Entrepreneurship is all about experience and excitement, it’s a lifestyle. With every new business, you’re building on knowledge, brand visibility, marketing experience, and other resources, creating a business that is even better than the one before. A prolific technology guy, a product developer, an angel investor, a teacher, and all-in-all a successful business leader is Mr.Arun Kumar, President and CEO of CAP Digisoft Solutions. Several years ago, Arun embarked on a journey as a serial entrepreneur. He founded CAP Digisoft Solutions (CDS) in 2003, with a mission to provide the best comprehensive BPO and IT solutions available to customers around the globe. CDS established a reputation for high-quality products and services, leveraged its quick expansion, and then began its US operations in 2006.
An Earnest and Visionary Leader
A native of Tamil Nadu, India, Arun leads a 200-plus-employee pioneer in web and custom software development, knowledge/medico-legal process outsourcing and digital marketing. Before starting CAP Digitsoft, Arun was Chief Project Manager at IT Solutions Park in Coimbatore, India, where he was responsible for a 100-member team providing software solutions to enterprise management systems around the world.
Over the years, Arun accumulated broad knowledge and expertise in International IT and IT enabled service requirements and solutions. He earned an MBA from Manipal University, and a B.C.A. and Master’s degree in Computer Science from Indira Gandhi National Open University. Arun applied his knowledge in his businesses and reaped the results! With 200+ employees he successfully launched and grew five lucrative brands:,,, and
A John Maxwell certified speaker and Coach, Arun is a Certified Marketing Consultant by the eMarketing Association and holds a Digital Marketing – Inbound certification from HubSpot.
Arun’s love for marketing
If you were traversing the Congo, you would want a qualified guide by your side; someone who knows the lay of the land, and is able to assist you regardless of unexpected obstacles. When it comes to navigating the entrepreneurial journey, you deserve the same.
People start businesses because they see an opportunity; they see a need and know they can fill it. The ambitious enthusiasts invest in their passion, but lack the allocation of time to sharpen their knowledge or identify and pay attention to the weaker areas of their business. In contrast, successful business owners understand marketing and sales power.
While weathering the ups and downs of launching several brands, Arun discovered his passion for marketing and sales. Marketing is a very powerful and underestimated tool critical to growth. Arun enjoys helping small and medium businesses learn and apply the success principles discovered throughout the progression.Most marketers think in terms of reaching hundreds or thousands of people with their messages, but for veteran marketer Arun Kumar, nothing short of reaching millions of people – directly or indirectly – will do.
A Thoughtful Socialpreneur
With his extensive knowledge over international, legal and business sectors, and as the chief architect, Arun headed CDS’s team in developing a variety of software and applications. His wealth of experience in administration, governance, marketing, and customer support lays down the standards of CDS in its continuing quest for excellence in client-centric management and executing complex outsourcing services on a global scale.He was one of the IT Advisory Members for a Group of Educational Institutions and has written a book on computer literacy titled “Computer Tutor”. Arun perceives education as a vital entity to a business’ success. He has spent approximately six years teaching almost 3,000 students who are now scattered around the world.
His dedication to computer literacy won him “The Computer Literacy Award” in 2003 from the State Government of Tamil Nadu, India. In 2004, he co-founded “You Can Trust” – a government registered trust dedicated to help autistic children.
Leading the Companies Proactively and Persistently
CAPDigitsoft has a solid track record of high-value performance, which can be attested to by their global clientele. Their services are well supported by quality management processes, dedicated team of professionals and a robust infrastructure. At CDS, methodologies constantly evolve in order to provide customized Business Process and IT support, giving priority to client’s unique requirements.
The marketing arena is constantly changing and there are always new techniques and strategies to learn. In addition to CAPDigitsoft, Arun is the President of Flobile, one of the five brands under the CAPDigisoft Solutions umbrella. The agency encourages their clients to not only reimagine their marketing strategies, but to optimize their marketing processes in order to meet their short and long term goals. Through Flobile, they help companies reach their sales potential; they act as their marketing arm by offering branding, messaging, marketing campaign management, and sales process optimization.
Through Medical Legal Spider, they support law firms in processing their medical document with ease. The team supports more than 900 law firms across USA and has processed more than 85,000 cases to date.
Surfeit of Exemplary Services
CDS is an International Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Marketing Solution Company primarily focusing on high-end business solutions that leverage manpower and technology. CDS provides ample range of Business Office and MarketingServices, which includes Document Unitization, Document Coding, Data Management, , Medical Document Review, Data Quality and Audit, Branding, PR, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website Development, E-Commerce Solutions and much more under one roof.
A Leader that Knows the Way and Shows the Way
As the CEO, Arun is perceptive and strategic. He ensures advance planning of resources on a day to day basis. In addition, a CEO needs to ensure all resources are working towards the ultimate goal. Arun is never reluctant to make tough decisions, so as to eliminate distractions or deterrents from the organizational goals.
More than ever, technology is changing business operations of today. Unless organizations empower their employees to think creatively and innovatively, they cannot compete with next generation entrepreneurs who are coming out of higher education with skills-sets to solve challenges through creative and cost-effective approaches.  All of Arun’s team members know their role is integral to producing client results.
Arun believes that the path of learning never ends. The teacher trait in his veins compels him to show others how to;

  • Leverage the power of marketing and sales
  • Learn from the successes and mistakes of others
  • Generate ideal client list and help to stay connected

Worthy Words for Potential Leaders
Uncertainty is not the only entity that has paralyzed most CEOs today. Many find it challenging to reinvent their corporations rapidly enough to cope with new technologies, consumption trends and demographic shifts. It’s very infrequent, and only few leaders manage to develop truly global organizations that can operate effortlessly across borders. Above all, leaders find it tough to ensure that their people adhere to values and ethics.When some business leaders experience success, they stop growing their knowledge.  In the current world of digitization and automation, this can cause tremendous decline in organizational growth internally and externally. Secondly, leaders should keep personal and business spaces discrete, acting on the best interest of the business and not personal agendas.
Arun’s Modus Operandi for Success
Competition helps companies to stay on top of all aspects of company growth. It is a question of choice, growing faster or losing share to a faster growing company. Arun makes sure that they always listen to clients and pay attention to feedback they get. The positives elevate them to the next level. The team strongly believes that as long as they listen to their clients, they can stay competitive. At the same time, the organization keeps a laser-sharp focus on their strategy and innovation.
The team is now building a fully automated marketing solution that complements their service and solutions. They want to give the small business community a marketing tool that will help them effectively reach their clients.

Source :- The 30 Influential Business Leaders in 2017

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