Syed Aijazuddin:A Technopreneur Defined by Passion and Persistence

Since our whole life is totally based on the choices we make, choosing the right career path can be the most challenging thing. We all endeavor to have a career choice that would not only make us successful but also help us to grow in every aspect of our life. A dilemma of choosing between employment and entrepreneurship has surfaced in the recent years. It goes without saying that entrepreneurship is hard work. Before becoming an entrepreneur Syed Aijazuddin worked in the industry and reached a point where he felt that the there was no growth or was very limited. While working in the same industry, he has realized how much pressure and shortfalls this industry had, and his potential for Health Insurance Industry was tremendous and growing, besides very few people concentrated on the basis of making it right.
A Persistent and Extraordinary Impresario
Syed Aijazuddin (Managing Director),wanted to start Health Insurance Company first, but since it required a lot of capital investment he was unable to implement it. His yearning to be a part of Insurance industry, made him establish a venture, Acess Meditech Private Limited (AMTPL), that can simplify a lot of processes to make health insurance industry work with minimum paper work, hassle free for the patients to receive treatments and to enable profit-making for the insurance companies.
Syed has worked with “Assist America Emergency Services”, one of the world’s largest Medical Assistance companies based in the USA. He has worked in this capacity as the Managing Director & Operations Director for India. Before returning to India, Syed was working in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), with “CareCard International Insurance Services Ltd.”, one of the largest Health, Life & Accident Insurance companies as their Senior Underwriting Manager. On his return, he brought “Assist America Medical Emergency Services”, and spent 2 years with the company as Managing & Operations Director of “Assist America Medical Emergency Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.”
After surfeit experience in the field, of about 15 years, Syed fielded out his venture in 2005 and he has been building Acess Meditech and expanding its variety of projects and services ever since.
All Insurance Products Under One Roof
AMTPL was registered on 28th March 2007 with a vision to revolutionize the Insurance Sector as a whole individually specialized in Health Insurance Solutions. In just 4 years of its initiation, the company had a competitive reputation in serving its two Clients’ in the Middle East and one from the United States at an International level.Since then, AMTPL has emerged as a leading Product Service provider to manage Health Insurance Operations with regulatory compliance as a whole.
AMTPL specializes in insurance industry specific solutions spanning every step in Medical Insurance management; from Generating Quotations to Policy Administration to claims adjudication, to contact service center with its specially designed software- Integrated Health Insurance Management System (TOSHFA) interlinked with Smart Card Technology to help Insurance Carriers and Third Party Administrators – (TPA) improve the quality of claims management while reducing the overall process and cost involved. The developers and visionaries of AMTPL have been working on their product called TOSHFA since January 2005, which is being designed on the basis of the experience of the developers to fulfill the Insurance specific needs.
AMPTL is now a specialist and pioneer in providing Insurance specific solutions, and their products are customer centric ensuring their clients’ satisfaction and growth.
Syed’s Strategy based on Self-Belief
Syed’s thriving experience with any new company in the technology sector comes by doing the initial sales. He says, “Whenever you try to approach a prospect the first thing you are asked is your client list, I believed in what I was doing and had faith in my god”His constant efficacious efforts eventually clicked with a major American company, a pioneer among the top 500 fortune companies, became their first client.
The challenges, the optimistic approach towards them, and a sense of self-belief are the attributes that keep Syed on the track. “I have done my ground work and based on the facts I know I am doing what the market requires; it’s always a matter of time before it gets clicked,” asserts Syed.
Combating the Challenges with Trained Combatants
Syed is an Insurance expert with rich experience.This gives the company an edge over any other competitors the way he drives the idea, understanding the challenges that insurance companies face on a daily basis. Indian IT industry is presently going through serious challenges, with lot of restrictions globally such as manpower access to US market, large scale layoffs etc. In AMTPL the management encourages and pays for staff as and when they want to learn and be abreast of the latest in IT industry. They provide growth opportunities to the existing employees within the organization, rather than getting somebody from outside. AMTPL looks for experienced professionals with Insurance and Medical background with the instinctive budding minds filled with creative ideas and expertise required accordingly to their job profiles.
The team has contributed exceptionally sharing a common goal towards success. This has fueled their clients’growth substantially once they start using AMPTL’s products.As a matter of fact, one of AMPTL’s client has reduced on the manpower by as much as 23% and increased their business by 500% which is a story in itself they take pride to share.
Envisioning Incessant Growth with Technology
AMTPL has marked its prominence in International market using domain experienced innovative technology solutions resulting in quality services.The company was up-until-now involved and focused only on Insurance domain, mainly Medical Insurance.By the beginning of 2018,AMPTL will be launching their new robust product LIMRA (Live Insurance Management and Risk Application) for all the lines of General Insurance, which will far exceed the present products existing in the market and they also intend to enter the Banking domain once they rollout LIMRA.

Source :- The 30 Influential Business Leaders in 2017

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