Ashish Life Science: Delivering Highest Quality Veterinary Medicines at Economical Price

Ashish Life Science

Ashish Life Science Pvt. Ltd. (ALS) is established since 2002. Since inception, it is taking efforts to deliver significant value to its customers by understanding their needs and innovating to offer the right choice of products. Over the years, it has built up a reputation for reliability and trust between company and its customers.
ALS’s entire team is consistently evolving to meet its customers’ needs across the globe. It offers a range of cutting –edge veterinary products with the world-class manufacturing infrastructure and relationship driven approach.

“We pride ourselves on personal service, good working relationships, and satisfying our customers wherever they may be.” says Raujesh Agarrwal, the Managing Director and Founder.

Meet the Profound Founder
Raujesh Agarrwal, the Managing Director and Founder of Ashish Life Science Pvt. Limited, has completed PG in Family Managed Business. He is responsible for deploying the company’s strategic vision and developing business alliances as well as building the management team. He has been actively involved in sales & marketing of the company products all over the world. Over the period of time, he appointed distribution & marketing channel in over 60 countries.

Idea behind ‘ALS’
After travelling to many countries, Raujesh realized the potential of Indian veterinary medicine. He recognized the huge business prospective for Animal health products in International markets. Seeing the vision and growth of the industry he decided to start manufacturing and exporting veterinary products.
“We believe animals have been catering to service of mankind and it is our duty to reciprocate back.” –states Raujesh.

World-Class Quality Products
The company has therefore, developed a strong focus on ‘Animal Healthcare’. The provided quality is beyond the horizon of any negotiation. Therefore, world-class manufacturing facility has been set up that could meet stringent cGMP Guidelines of any regulatory body including World Health Organization. The company strictly follows cGMP in all aspects of production and distribution activities. Also, the manufacturing facility is approved by various health authorities for supply of veterinary medicines.
Inclusive Services
ALS exhibits high diligence at every level and function. Adherence to quality, best-in-class manufacturing practices, highest level of laboratory certification and high service standards have enabled it to build lasting relationship across the globe.
“As India is strong on human pharmaceuticals; therefore, we saw an opportunity for pharmaceutical in the Animal space and decided to totally focus on animal products.” states Raujesh.

Rising above the Horizon
Behind the meteoric rise of ALS, there is a team of committed individuals. The team of ALS comprises of dedicated professionals who believe in learning, empathy and innovation. The entire team is relentlessly and passionately working towards the advancement of animal care.
ALS operates across the entire spectrum of therapeutic segments – Antiparasitics, Ecoparasiticides, NSAIDs, Antibiotics, Antifungal, Antiprotozoal, Tonics and Neutraceuticals to name a few.  Besides, it also offer all dosage forms – bolus, tablets, powder, suspensions, solutions, oral paste, injectable and spray & ointments ensuring that its clients also have an ease and effectiveness of administrations.

Notable Achievements   
Ashish Life Science has won the “SME Business Excellence Awards 2014”, presented by D&B, The Times Group and Federal Bank. Also, it has been recognized as “India’s small Giants” by India SME in 2014. Furthermore, Raujesh was interviewed by ET now after ALS was recognized as an emerging “Pharma Company in micro segment”.
Additionally, ALS has won the prestigious “Top 100 SMEBOI Awards” (achievers of 2012), the “Top 100 SMEBOI Awards” (Achievers of 2013) and the “ECGC-D&B- Indian Exporters Excellence Awards 2015 – Best manufacturing Exporters” Award along with the Golden Maharashtra MSME’s “Manufacturing Summit 2015 Award”.  And, it has been featured in the well-known “Dollar Business magazine” in 2016.

A Piece of Advice
“Today, there is strong awareness by people about generics. People have started questioning the cost of the product.  Thus, this is forcing companies to reasonably price their products.” says Raujesh. Furthermore, he said “It’s all about Vision – Passion – Commitment”.

Rock-solid Future The company is having crystal-clear vision and thus, gearing up to adopt the future trends. It has established its name in the international market and will continue to surpass the expectations of the customer and always improve and deliver highest quality at economical price on timely basis.

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