Association of HID and TATA HONEYWELL for easy Security with Mobile Technology

Mobile has become one of the primary technology aspects to every other person; with this increase in usage of this technical element, TATA HONEYWELL and HID have decided to collaborate. This alliance will see ac existence of an App which would be a turning point in the field of technology, giving better and additional boost for smart building plans.
Basically, smart building is a feature which allows people in the building to use their mobile phones as an accessing device to their homes without the security cards and switch to appliances at home without physically being there, all summing in a small APP in the mobile phones; allowing one to not rely only on security cards to access their place and the objects making it more friendly and hustle-free.
HONEYWELL utilized tailored integration workshops and testing offered through HID Professional Services, along with the HID SEOs credential technology and app SDKs, to create the customized mobile access solution for its occupant app. The solution features HID Global’s patented “twist and go” gesture technology to open doors from a distance using a smartphone.
Working independently of underlying building systems, the app also includes HID Global’s mobile access system to streamline the management of trusted IDs for building administrators. The technology in the app supports mobile credentials, providing building managers more control over credential transactions.
The HONEYWELL Vector Occupant app is one of the latest update to look forward to; where HONEYWELL is known for its electronics excellence and HID for its security feature providing company so combination of two companies having their prioritized work coming together to form one best, is something to look forward to.

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