Augmented Reality: The Next Big Blessing for the Healthcare Industry

The power of Augmented Reality (AR) to let the end user keep in touch with the reality and presenting the information into eyesight as fast as possible makes it unique among other burgeoning IT technologies. The popularity of Pokemon game is a world known phenomenon from where AR technology got a huge boost. Many experts believe that AR technology has the potential to change the landscape of healthcare industry too in a gigantic way for both the physicians and patients alike. There are many applications where AR proves to be a boon for the healthcare sector which is described in this article.
Augmented Reality can Save Lives by Locating nearby Defibrillators in Quickest Possible Time
What would a person generally do when person next to him collapsed suddenly? The first thought generally comes to anyone’s mind is to call the ambulance or contact the close one’s of the traumatized person. But does doing anyone of these things suffice in all the circumstances especially in the critical ones? Definitely not!!  With the help of augmented reality technology, you can help a distressed person in much better way. With the power of augmented reality, a person can locate automated external defibrillators or AEDs. Interestingly, this technology can let the end user find exact location of the nearest AEDs in a shortest possible time, may be in a minute and thus help troubled person in quickest possible time.
Patients can describe their Medical Situation in a Better Way
In many cases, patients find it difficult to explain their symptoms to the doctors accurately. In some cases patient describe the situations much more and worse than the actual reality and in some cases they report their situation as a much little problem which was not the exact case either all the time. In ophthalmology field of medicine, augmented reality thus proves to be a game changer for patient consultation.
In ophthalmology, using augmented reality, a camera can display the exact conditions that impact a person’s vision. Using apps like EyeDecide, doctors can show simulation of the vision of a person suffering from specific eye disease. With this technology, doctors can demonstrate the impact of Cataract to the patient and help them understand their actual medical condition and future situation as well. Thus by looking into the long term impact on their health, it could motivate people to make positive change.
Finding Veins becomes Easier with Augmented Reality
When things get out of control, applying needle is the only way out to get well soon, but Doctors and Nurses find it difficult in many cases to find the vein in first instance. According to one prominent marketing specialist, 40% of IVs (Intravenous injections) miss the vein on the first time, and this figure gets worse if it includes elderly and children’s.
With Augmented reality technology now both the nurses and doctors finds it easier to do this job. Using augmented reality technology, a handheld scanner throws rays over to the patient’s skin and shows nurses and doctors the exact locations of patient’s veins. Thus, it makes doctors’ job easier to find the vein and inject the syringe to the exact location with minimum pain to the patient. Interestingly, it is estimated that using AR technology finding vein on the first stick has become 3.5x higher.
Pharmaceutical Companies can let Patients Know How Drug Works
How medicine works when it goes into the body is a question which generally comes in to the minds of many patients. And whose answer many want to know. One can go into the deep of medical science and understand the process of how drug enters and change patient’s body. But for that, one needs to read a bunch of articles and book which are not feasible to a normal person who is unaware of the medical terminology. But with the help of augmented reality a patient can see how the drug works that too in 3D in front of their eyes instead of reading long descriptions.
Interestingly, AR technology can assist lab workers to monitor their experiments and can also help them in knowing what to do next in the drug making process.
A Great Assistance for the Surgeons
When it comes to surgery, precision becomes the prime importance. While conducting surgery with advanced technology, it has now become more important to draw a 3D model image of the patient’s organ part that has to go through surgical process. AR technology thus empowers surgeons to locate the exact part of the body that needs surgery with the assistance of X-rays views without any radiation exposure in real time. This technology thus assists surgeons to deliver a successful surgery with utmost precision while taking care of patients’ safety at the core.
Now these applications itself prove that AR is gaining momentum in healthcare space too, and it will become future of healthcare as far as technology is concerned. In the future, many of healthcare activities will revolves around AR. And those who still have some kind of doubt over its popularity should look at the people chasing Pokemon on the streets.

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