Sevamob: Transforming Healthcare through Innovation and Dedication

The healthcare sector in India has become one of the largest sectors both in terms of revenue and employment. The industry is growing at a tremendous pace due to its strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by public as well private players. The healthcare market is expected to record a CAGR of 16.5 percent during 2008-20. The total industry size is expected to reach US $280 billion by 2020.
A company providing innovative healthcare solutions and services to the customers is Sevamob. It is an Atlanta based company which provides artificial intelligence enabled healthcare platform to organizations in India, South Africa and now in the US. The platform has 3 touch points:
1) Onsite popup clinics
2) Tele-health infrastructure for video consultations and second opinion
3) Artificial intelligence based triage and diagnostics. This includes: a) Skin: screening for 11 specific fungal infections b) Vision: screening for diabetic retinopathy, cataract and glaucoma c) Blood: cell counting
By integrating artificial intelligence and tele-health with scalable last mile service delivery, Sevamob is able to offer primary care at up to 50% lower cost. Care includes general health, vision, dental, nutrition, cardio-metabolic, infectious disease and cancer.
The company earns money by charging for service delivery and software licensing. Their customers include employers, schools, NGOs, hospitals, corporate sector and government. Their roadmap includes increasing usage of artificial intelligence to detect more medical conditions and address the scarcity of physicians at point-of-care in under-served areas.
The Insightful Leader of Sevamob
Sevamob marches ahead on its illustrious journey under the percipient leadership of Shelley Saxena, the Founder and CEO of the company. Prior to starting the company, he managed several multi-million dollar products for IBM and co-founded a profitable mobile technology company. He has an MBA from Cornell and B.E. from IIT Roorkee.
Shelley founded the company after his mom was incorrectly diagnosed and almost lost her life because of Hepatitis C. The realization that if this could happen in a Tier-2 city, the plight of patients in semi-urban and rural areas was even worse, led towards the inception of this company. He founded Sevamob in 2012 with the objective and vision of bringing primary healthcare to India’s rural poor.
Strategizing for Growth and Sustainability
The company believes that more preventive and primary care can reduce the need for critical care and the overall healthcare spending but technology alone is not the solution. An approach that integrates scalable service delivery with technology is needed to achieve health outcomes.
Their growth strategy includes increasing penetration in core areas like India and US through direct sales and reaching additional countries in Africa via resellers. Their revenue streams include: service delivery and tech licensing. The company aims to generate larger portion of the revenue through tech licensing going forward.
In their model, they depend on local partners (franchisees, resellers, anchor tenants) to replicate the model in new areas. Finding the right local partner is challenging and takes time and trial & error. To find such partners they leverage social impact networks and referrals where possible.
Sevamob Providing Excellent Services at Reasonable Prices
Sevamob successfully marches ahead on its successful journey overcoming many obstacles and achieving the intended goals. The company constantly aims at targeting under-served areas of the society. They intend to provide differentiated, end-to-end solutions to the customers. They focus more on health outcomes instead of technology enhancement. The company aims to provide primary healthcare and insurance services to low income customers at a lower cost.
The company also has a tech platform to track the outcomes of the healthcare services provided by them.
Major Awards and Achievements
Sevamob has achieved many awards and accolades throughout its illustrious journey. The company has been adjudged ‘Social business of the year’ by Intuit in India. It was featured on Times Now in Amazing Indians program. The company is also the winner of ‘Matching Equity’ from Artha Ventures, and the winner of ‘Village Capital Atlanta’. Sevamob was the finalist of ‘Sankalp Awards’ and the finalist for ‘NASSCOM Social Innovation Honors’.
High-Quality Customer Relationship – The Prime Focus of Sevamob
The company primarily aims at maintaining a strong and long term customer relationship. The company’s key to building a long term relationship with customers is to focus on health outcomes and track those outcomes via their tech platform in a transparent fashion. Further, they strive to keep the cost low at each step in the process and pass on those cost savings to their customers.
Marching Ahead towards a Bright Future
Sevamob is the only company in the world that integrates artificial intelligence and tele-health with scalable last mile service delivery, to offer primary care at up to 50% lower cost. The company is going to use this vertically integrated approach to offer more primary care services in more under-served areas at a lower cost than their competitors.
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