Ayush Lohia- Developing and Implementing Strategies, and Managing the Overall Operations and Resources of Lohia Auto

Ayush Lohia


  1. How did your company’s journey as a preeminent brand begin? What was the underlying bedrock idea behind incorporating the company?

Lohia Global has diversified operation in various sectors like Automobile, Handicraft Export, Retail Warehousing, Real Estate, Brass coil manufacturing etc. Lohia Auto Industries is an automobile division of Lohia Global founded by visionary Late Mr. N.K. Lohia He was very much concerned about Fuel impact on environment and fuel dependency on imports and he wanted to explore alternative which is electric vehicles. With this vision Lohia Auto Industries was established in the year 2008 with an objective to provide clean, efficient, reliable and affordable inner-city & rural transportation.

  1. What are the key aspects that demonstrate uniqueness of the company?

In the highly cluttered automobile market, company has carved a niche for itself with electric
scooters. Keeping in mind the energy security of the country, Lohia Auto has been continuously working towards giving last mile connectivity solutions in personal & public transportation and launched different models in electric 2w and electric three wheelers in passenger and cargo both segment. Lohia Auto also launched with its brand of Diesel/CNG Three wheelers
‘HUMSAFAR’ in both segment i.e. Passenger and Cargo for Domestic and Exports market. Diversified product portfolio is our uniqueness which gives last mile connectivity solution.

  1. Tell us about yourself as a person, your educational background and as an entrepreneur. How do you use your skills to run your company above and beyond your competitors?

I started my entrepreneurial journey in the year 1999 with Design co- handicrafts export unit & part of Lohia Global. In Designco I had gained experience in marketing management. During this period I have also worked in export industry and developed an in-depth understanding of the market & industry trends. With an insight to the industry scenario, I have made a vital contribution in the multi-fold growth of Designco in my seven years of association. Later, I took-over the stainless steel manufacturing unit where I roped in an exposure to the production and development of the raw steel. With my vast experience in manufacturing, development and marketing, I introduced ‘automobile’ as a new vertical to group business. This is how we have established Lohia Auto Industries as an electric vehicle company.

  1. How do you see your entrepreneurial journey till date? Could you name a person/mentor/book/ who has had a tremendous impact on your entrepreneurial journey?

I can safely call it as an absolutely incredible journey. I have learnt many things from my own experience. It has helped me in establishing Lohia Auto as a brand in highly cluttered automobile market. I have a habit of reading books which always impacts my decision making and working process. Some of my favourite books are – THE ONE THING, THE ANSWER, THE MILLIONIRE, CRITICAL CHAIN, THE CHOICE, EAT THAT FROG etc.

  1. What is the biggest risk you have ever taken? What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

The biggest risk which I had taken was entering into B2C business i.e Automobile as our all group companies were in B2B segment. I would not like to talk about failures as I take it as learning and experience which always ensures better working and results further.

  1. To what do you attribute your success? What motivates you at difficult/down times?

I have gained lot of learning and experiences in business cycle & changing market scenario and faced down times also. I can say any success is only experience with best enjoyment, enthusiasm and motivation once you get it after difficult times.

  1.   How would you describe your entrepreneurial skill in a sentence? What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Fighter & Learner who never gives up and always learn from mistakes. Here, I would like to quote “I never make a right decision but I make them right”.

  1. What would you advice to your fellow peers to successfully carry their work functionalities? How do you encourage creative thinking in your organization?

Team Motivation and team work is primary thing which I always recommend to every employee. Also I always suggest them to try both conventional & unconventional approaches to do any work. I always appreciate out of box thinking & new innovative ideas.

  1. Is there any book or movie you would like to recommend to the budding entrepreneurs? What advice would you like to give them?

Yes, I would like to recommend the budding entrepreneurs to  read and watch success stories of “Apple” and “McDonalds” and other inspiring people. Also some movies like Joy, office Space, The Pursuit of Happiness, Pirates of Silicon Valley etc. I would  advise them to focus on their objective and to be clear on what they want. Also, make clear goals for short term, medium and long term.

  1. What measures do you take to ensure to grow and develop as an entrepreneur every day? How do you see yourself growing in the next five years?

Learning, experience and out of the box thinking are the three measures which I consider as basic requirements for growth & development. We are working on expanding our portfolio of EVs for last mile connectivity and we will also introduce new projects in the coming years  which are in pipeline.

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