Priti Shah: An Innovative Leader Redefining Payment Processes and Empowering People across India

Priti Shah| Payswiff

One of the most celebrated Brazilian lyricist and novelist Paulo Coelho had once said, “Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.” And, for entrepreneurs, life is nothing but a bag full of surprises where risk forms the foundation to monuments of success down the line.
Meet Priti Shah, the one who believes that the biggest risk is not taking any risk. The difference is to understand between daring and caution, While breaking all the stereotypical thoughts and odds of the society, Priti emerged as a businesswoman with an aim to be an extraordinary entrepreneur.
Let’s hear the inspiring story of Priti Shah, the CEO and, Co-Founder of Payswiff, an Omni-channel payment solution provider which deals in providing GST solution, billing and retail software integrated with payments. It is one such company that is set to capitalize on the evolving dynamics by setting its business model on delivering technology services to the banks and acting as a Payment Service Provider (PSP). Most interestingly, Payswiff is also an enabler and plays its role in the cause of “Digital India”, majorly focused to Bharat part of India for financial inclusion.
Inspired by many and motivated by self, Priti says, “There are a number of good ways that can have a ripple effect and enable one to move forward. It increases their sense of self -efficacy and the tendency to focus with a balanced perspective. With time, one learns to be more resilient and open to ideas. My failures were business I started young in travel and also some decisions that went wrong in business but I learnt taking the wrong decisions is the first step to take the right decisions. As long as you are in the faster mode for correcting the wrong you increase your ability to embrace success.
A Journey that Turned an Enthusiast into an Entrepreneur
Priti, born and brought up in Mumbai, started her career early at a very young age of 17. It is then when she opted for a Diploma in Administration Services from Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic, Juhu. Being passionate about entrepreneurship, Priti began her career as a trainee and pursued her graduation at parallel.
If one is driven by passion, focus and dedication, nothing can stop the person from achieving his/her milestone. Priti’s life validates this statement. Even after getting married at an early age of 21 and being blessed with a daughter at the age of 22; her urge towards learning new things took her acheive multiple landmarks in her career.
Priti’s passion took her forward and that is what drove her to pursue teaching and also to be the visiting faculty at SNDT University for Travel & Tourism for Postgraduate students. She has a wealth of experiences topped with a doctorate in Management from the National institute of Management.
With a rich work experience of 13+ years in the Payment Industry, Priti is contributing extraordinarily to Payswiff. Her first stint of the payment industry was with the startup called EBS, which is one of India’s largest online payment processing platforms. In the year 2005, Priti took efforts to take the company forward as one of the founding team members of the company. While talking about her experiences at EBS, she has shared that it was the place which offered her the opportunity to learn, handle and take ownership of sales, administration, and operations among many others.
Priti further adds, “I grew personally and professionally where I excelled from a Managerial position to Sales head, then Vice President and later on my exit I held position President of National Sales. The experience certainly did help me believe in myself.
About the Company Revolutionizing the Payment industry
Being an omni-channel payment solution provider, Payswiff enables merchants, ISOs, and even customers of banks to accept payments through POS/mPOS devices, apps or other new-age based payments solutions. The Payswiff merchant solution includes the POS & mPOS terminals, and Payswiff ONE the company’s flagship plug ‘n’ play payments solution app helps merchants, and business owners accept payments from a variety of cashless channels including UPI, net-banking, e-wallets, multi-bank EMI, etc. Payswiff accepts both contacts & contactless cards, with all leading debit & credit card brands such as MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Rupay and Maestro. Additionally, its products provide merchants with value-added services and inbuilt tools that help them earn extra revenue while helping manage their business ecosystem better.
The Payswiff Enterprise Solutions helps large-scale enterprises, banks & financial institutions build and operate a seamless, cashless, digital transactions infrastructure. Such end-to-end, co-branded solutions are highly-customizable with a faster go-to-market capability. It also offers API’s and SDK’s for all types of businesses to effortlessly integrate payment solutions with their existing Apps, systems and software.
Most interestingly, Payswiff is the only company in India to combine Tax-compliance with payment Solutions to offer innovative and convenient services to business and other stakeholders interacting with the tax systems in their respective countries, ranging from GST compliant invoicing to filling of tax returns, etc. to help them effortlessly conduct business while remaining compliant with the tax laws in their country.
The Entrepreneur’s Contribution towards the Company
After gaining extraordinary experience at EBS, Priti tookthe charge and spearheaded the business of Payswiff in India. She personally ensured that all the values of the company, i.e., Integrity, Inclusiveness, Innovation and Agility, are inculcated in every member of Payswiff. She shared her strategies and said that on the basis of these values, she connects the dots to use her skill set to achieve the company’s objective.
In a nutshell, Priti’s fast decision- making ability; disciplined, process-oriented and focused personality with high level of communication and team building skills, drives the company forward and helps it achieve milestones in the world of payment processes.
The Leader’s Sources of Inspiration
Priti is married to Maulik Shah, the current Co-founder and Director of Payswiff and they have a daughter. She attributes her success to her husband and states that Maulik is the pillar of support that has encouraged her to pursue her dreams and scale a career graph for herself. She expresses her gratitude towards her family and even her young daughter and says, “My daughter being my critic has helped me grow personally & professionally too.”
Priti further expresses gratitude towards her sisters & family and says, “I am thankful & fortunate to have a family that doesn’t compromise a bit on my aspirations… especially at times when your presence is needed most and you are not there!” Apart from a supportive family, Priti is grateful to her business partners along with the entire Payswiff team. She further talks about her sources of inspiration and says, “There are 2 people who have impacted my life to a great extent one is Mr Prabhu co-founder & Managing Director, Payswiff  and second is Ms Varsha Jain who is the head of the department at Premilila Vithaldas Polytechinc and she has been my inspiration all time long.
Being an energetic woman, Priti expressed her strong desire and will to see Payswiff as a globally recognized and preferred payment platform that generates immense value to its customers and stakeholders. She further shares, “Moreover, down the line I would like to have an incubator for startups especially women.”

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