Automaker to build its own low-orbit satellite.


China’s automobile giant is making satellites now. Geely was already involved in high-speed trains to trucking to manufacturing Volvos. This newest investment is going to be the pinnacle for its company. Geely had announced that they were going to build a satellite. This satellite would enable the companies own smart three-dimensional mobility ecosystem.

Geely had made a public announcement that they would be launching their private satellite and have also established a satellite production facility and testing centre in the port city of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. They stated that this facility could be used to develop numerous other satellite models that would be used for non-Geely purposes.

Geely had stated that it would be launching the satellite towards the end of 2020 but did not disclose how huge it would be. They would be investing $326 million towards this project and would be manufacturing 500 satellites every year. These low orbit satellites would support high -speed data transmission, cloud computing and precise navigation.

Geely wanted to upgrade itself by providing its vehicles with over the air navigation and precise content delivery to the companies owners. These satellites would not be used for internet transactions and communications and would be solely used for the company’s navigation system. There were generally high orbit satellites, but now they have low orbit satellites too.

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