Basanth Agarwal: Disrupting Financial Ecosystem

Basanth Agarwal,Managing Director,Basan Online | Financial leaders

Basanth Agarwal | Managing Director | Basan Online

Successful leaders are known for their perseverance, forward-looking approach, strategic thinking and passion to create a splash in the business world. In the context of the professional world, the leader leads by examples, putting hard yard when nobody expects them to. An ever-complex international business world has highlighted the importance of strong leader in every vertical of business.
Basanth Agarwal is one such leader who has been a frontrunner in a finance space. He has been consistently providing best-in-class financial services through his endeavor: Basan Online. Under his tutelage, the company offers personalized and tailored financial solutions to every entity, who contributes to India’s success story.
Diving into the Business World
A dream does not become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work to become a successful business leader.  He has completed his post-graduation in MBA from Central Queensland University in Australia in 2007. Basanth always wanted to start something on his own. His dream was to raise a national level company in the field of finance. His brother Sanjay Agarwal was passionate in the stock market and had sub-brokership. With his brother, Basanth took initiative to float a company and proceed with NSE Membership. Today, the Basan Group is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange, National Stock Exchange and two driving commodity in the nation-NCDEX and MCX. It is likewise enlisted as a Depository Participant with CSDL.
Some Valuable Insights from Basanth’s Desk
Basanth believes that forward-looking and problem-solving attitude are pre-requisites to become successful leader. Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi inspired him in many ways. “The best example of leadership in the current era is none other than our Prime Minister. He -is the most energetic, dynamic leader and source of inspiration for up-coming leaders,” Says Basanth.  He is someone who enjoys each and every moment of life. “My efforts are to make every moment as memorable moment and make milestone for coming future”, Says Basanth.
The company’s goal is to serve the exceedingly dismissed segment of retail financial specialist. “Resolved to give genuine value for money to every one of our customers, we continued rethinking ourselves, utilizing the best innovation each period”, asserts Basanth.  Describing his driving force, Basanth Says, “I’m grateful to Universe for being blessed with family members, friends, and employees working around me. Well wishes of so many members itself are motivation tool”
Basanth sees challenges as an opportunity to break traditional barriers.“Few challenges were there during during the inception of the company but today with the help of the technology we overcome most of the challenges with proficiency”, Says Basanth.
Exceptional Portfolio of Services
Basan Online is providing personalized and tailored financial solutions to its clients. By understanding each and every individual’s requirement in the industry, the company is dedicatedly offering flexible services. Apart from Equity Broking Services and Mutual Funds, the company also offers – Portfolio Management Service, Market Making Activities, Merchant Banking, and Financial Consultation services.
Compliance is the strength of the company. It is highly complied as per SEBI guidelines, bye-law and regulation to make investors feel safe and secure. The company provides user-friendly, robust with new features, and technically advanced application for hassle-free trading.
Apart from providing technical and fundament research reports, the company also has launched the concept of small investments – systematic investments planning on a monthly basis for serious investors who are planning to keep investing for a period of 10-15 years. The company helps its clients to identify the companies who are debt-free and are giving CAGR returns on at least 14%, increase in sales growth and an increase in revenue on a periodic basis. The company is giving free credit-rating CIBIL reports to its existing customers.  Basan online is helping clients in getting loans against their shares, through NBFC company.
Basan online’s objective is to build a long-term relationship with its customers by offering competitive business terms, the latest software, and well researched information.
Standout in the High-Tech World
Technology is the driving force for all business of the 21st century. The company is working on new concepts for investment in the coming month.  The company truly believes in a ‘Customer-focused Culture’ and is dedicated to walk an extra mile for them by providing niche -edge technology driven applications to simplify operations.
Under Basanth’s tutelage, the company has designed in-house Trading-KYC for registration of new clients, RE-EKYC for modification of any information, and robust Risk Management System. The company is also planning for integrating financial services such as Equity investments, Mutual Funds Investment, Insurance needs, Loans, credit-rating access through the company’s in-house designed trading application.

What Lies Ahead?

In future, the firm is planning for BOT responses for existing customers. This BOT application will enable the company to identify the existing customer on social media messengers and resolve their queries on LIVE environment basis. The company is also planning for an application which can access client’s portfolio on regular basis in a simpler way. Progressing forward with the positive approach, the company will continue to deliver best-in-class financial services to its clients.

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