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Raman Chadha | Founder | Adreno Technologies

India, as we know is a growing economy. And currently, it is taking many bold steps to secure its position as an economic hub for the world. This growth needs apt support from the banking and insurance sectors. The finance sector in India accounts for nearly 6 percent of the nation’s GDP and has the potential of growing rapidly. The recent relaxation in foreign investment rules has been taken positively by the insurance sector and many companies announced plans to increase their stakes in joint ventures with Indian companies. This opens doors for many joint venture deals between global insurance companies and Indian players.
Given the current scenario, the companies are looking out for people and companies that have a grip on how the market and finances should work for growth. Raman Chadha, a seasoned entrepreneur is providing the required services through his companies. He has an impeccable knowledge range of financial systems with strong management skills. He is decisive, action-oriented and results focused and all his business experience comes through successful completion of a number of business ventures. After having worked in leading public sector bank at a senior management position, he established his own business in the year 2005 by forming a company named Adreno Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
Formative Years
Raman is decisive by nature and when it comes to business, he believes in taking a result-focused approach. He is someone who lets life teach a new lesson every day and is inspired by his surroundings. In his words, “I aspire and work for are all moments I remember and cherish for in my life. Alongside, feeling a sense of happiness and satisfaction in life is something which becomes memorable for all times to come. In other words, each moment of life is memorable for me as I am content and happy.”
But being content doesn’t mean he shies away from taking risks. He left a lucrative career of job to start his own business. It was his learning all these years that came in handy to define a strategic plan and its timely execution. Strategy, focus, and review on the results and introducing timely changes in strategy ensured desired results for his firm. The next challenge was to diversify business and sell the existing one but his approach ensured that the results were in the right direction.
The Company
Adreno Technologies is headquartered in Chandigarh, India with more offices in Gurgaon, Mohali, and Ambala. It started its operations in 2005 as a service provider for pan-North India for various companies of international repute engaged in the field of Telecommunication like Bharti Airtel Ltd., Tata Teleservices Ltd. In 2009, Raman sold this business on profits and thereafter diversified in the field of IT/ITES business.
Adreno Technologies now works in the area of Knowledge Process Outsourcing business for overseas clients in USA, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East and embraces four (4) subsidiaries under its umbrella.
FinTax Experts Pvt. Ltd. – A Financial Process Outsourcing company offering Outsourced Bookkeeping Services, Outsourced Tax Preparation Services, and other Financial Services to its client in US, UK, Canada, and Australia.
Webworld Experts India Pvt. Ltd.- An offshore Web Design Company dedicated to helping its customers get the best from the web. It offers a complete range of outsourced web design & development services like custom web design, e-commerce development, CMS solutions, and full cycle web development.
SEO Experts: An established and a fast-growing SEO & Internet Marketing Company offering a gamut of services like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click & Content Writing Services. To accentuate its expertise, it ranks among the top 5 results for “SEO India” keyword which is being targeted by all SEO companies in India.
The AppSmiths- It offers advanced Mobile solutions for Business, Gaming, and Entertainment.
Technology – An Ally
Raman feels that technology is the reality of life for any business. No business activity or even any aspect of life is possible without the use of technology and it is gaining more and more important with each passing day. The simple example is the use of mobile phones and it is difficult to imagine any aspect of life without this device. Same is the case with the internet, cloud computing and many other aspects of both business and aspects related to one’s life.
This fervent use of technology is what boosts his corporate vision to make his companies “A world-class IT-enabled & financial & IT service providing company”. He aims to deliver superior value to customers, shareholders and business associates by using ‘talented people, defined processes and technology’. As a social responsibility, his goal and vision are to see that through his companies, he repays to society a portion of great work society has done for us.
Guiding the Young
Entrepreneurship, as Raman believes, is an exciting journey and one should have passion for this and enjoy this on its journey. Advising the newbies, he says, “It is filled with both satisfying highs and dismal lows but successful entrepreneurs will tell you that as a small business owner you’ll have to work harder and always have a threat of instability.” Here’s a 5-pointer from him:

  • Treat hurdles as challenges and know how to overcome these hurdles;
  • Make a conscious choice to be positive;
  • Find mentors and listen to their advice carefully and imbibe their good traits;
  • Take calculated risks;
  • Learn from failure, find out why you failed, plug those areas and ensure that mistakes committed are not repeated.

Roadmap Ahead
Adreno Technologies and its subsidiaries have received several awards and accolades from around the world. Wall Street Journal and leading online newspaper of Europe “Spiegel” has in their stories on outsourcing have covered FinTax Experts as one of the three India companies engaged in financial process outsourcing business. After so much adulation comes time to take things even further. Raman aspires to take the present business to the next level by opening offices abroad and making the present size of business to a medium business enterprise. Alongside, he wishes to do something for the society which has helped him and his company to be where they are by spending part of the business income for people who need help.

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