Benaka: Helping to Drive Business Value from Technology Innovations

The global Business Consultancy industry has been through several changes in past few years, with the most recent one during few years ago, for which, after-effects are still observed. However, analysts speculate that some of the transformations in this industry are yet to happen. It is predicted that the industry will metamorphose over the upcoming years.
Even though these transformations have taken place earlier, the fundamentals of the business and the client focus have remained unchanged. Aware of this, Benaka Business Consultancy, a Bangalore based Strategic consulting firm focuses on Business Advisory, Capital Advisory and Tax Advisory Services. With years of experience working with Indian SMEs and Corporates, it provides its clients with cost-effective and market relevant solutions.
Benaka’s Business Advisory service provides strategic direction to the businesses and helps them define and redefine the growth strategy. Through their strategic tie-ups with number of private, foreign and public sector banks and major financial institutions, they help to raise secured and unsecured capital to the clients.
Their Tax Advisory services help to identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize both current and future tax liabilities for the clients. They also help their clients understand the challenges and regulations of setting-up and doing business in India.
Benaka’s client approach formula provides a structured framework aimed at delivering high quality customer-relevant business solutions. They have developed a store of knowledge and experience through several development projects. Benaka has refined the business process by following and disseminating the best industry practices.
Furthermore, they have absorbed best approaches to get maximum performance and highest quality for their projects while leaving away redundant complexity that may affect project budget or timing. Benaka’s methodology promotes a research backed and result-driven interactive approach and guarantees better customer service with regards to quality, cost and customer’s strategic goals, without compromising on any of these factors.
Prudent Leadership with Versatile Experience
Mr. D. C. Chetan, Founder and President/CEO of Benaka Business Consultancy, He is a commerce graduate with an MBA, specializing in Finance and Marketing from IBS India. He has extensive experience in key account management in consulting, healthcare, banking, risk-management, real estate, technology, imaging, printing, electronics, agrotech industries to name a few; and he has worked closely with a number of boards of several small and medium companies and corporates in India.
Mr. D. C. Chetan recognizes skill sets in formulating strategies supporting business growth. He is proficient in building, leading and motivating teams to deliver business promises, client servicing and implementing e-governance standards. He is a firm believer of technology within and between institutions. He is committed to integrate the key aspects of quality, professionalism and respect to direct this consultancy to be a preferred choice to its customers, colleagues and stakeholders.
“We at Benaka are committed to delivering maximum value to our clients helping them succeed in a constantly changing and challenging world of business. Our fundamental company values stem from understanding, that our success is tied with success of our clients,” believes Mr. D. C. Chetan.
Benaka’s aim is to well establish themselves in local market and wish to offer their services in other Indian metro cities in due-time. They also intend to have more strategic tie-ups with other managed service providers to broaden their services portfolio, geographical reach, add resources, enhance infrastructure, strengthen their finances and increase their market share by delivering high performance.

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