CDOTNET: Strategically Channelizing Your Web Presence To The World

Online marketing is an erratic, impulsive, and volatile industry that evolves quickly. The prevailing trend of online marketing nowadays is like catching the tiger by its tail. This fluctuating landscape is actually urging all marketers to step outside their comfort zone to attract high quality leads. Marketers no longer see digital as a distinct marketing discipline and are craving towards “digitally led business models”. Meanwhile, those who are gun shy about adopting new strategies, miss out the full benefit of these opportunities.
Today, thinking a life without the internet and digital media is almost a dead idea. There was an era when idea of choosing online aspect of doing business was not understood by many,and then this rejection led to foundation of CNET Infosystem, which is now changed to CDOTNET Infosystem.
Today, the company surpasses many big vendors in terms of quality solutions and result driven marketing. Unlike other companies they offer custom solution rather a package deal for all. The company don’t compromise with the quality they use intellectual strategies to create the solution by virtue of their own knowledge base system, rather than a boxed solution.
Kapil Garg, Founder of CDOTNET Infosystem started his venture with techno commercial background with flare of working experience in many industries. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science , master’s degree in marketing from Delhi and a diploma in computers application and software development from NIIT. Visualizing his way back that the future is online marketing and if a corporate need to have an edge on others, he must invest in internet based marketing and technology.
After working with various corporations and having 20+ years of experience in the field of techno-commercial environment with expertise in web technologies,internet marketing, business development, marketing, project planing, mobile apps, he decided to start his own venture with a team of three in the field of web technology.
Although in this business, entry level is easy, but challenges that they faced were, convincing the customers for the services they offer and the knowledgeable human resource who can deliver faster results with good quality. CDOT NET Infosystem has completed long fourteen consistence years of kudos in the year 2015 and they have been endowed with the distinguished as well as branded award of Global Quality Award for their Quality performance in the Digital Media and other web services. The company is well known in offering best ever support and comprehensive assistance in the domain of Information Technology as well as worldwide transmission network to serve the customer’s needs in this cut throat competitive age.
CDOTNET Infosystem focuses on offering 360 degree solution for web from a simple idea of having a website for the state of the art web based application development, mobile applications, internet and digital media marketing and branding solutions. They offer a total IT consultancy for all types of solutions be it ERP or cloud based solution or data center under one roof.
As predicted now the future is ONLINE, in almost every field like shopping, education, jobs, trading, user based services, etc.;they strive to increase their knowledge base to offer best and quality solution that can be sustained for long and future ready.

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