Bigdatamatica Solutions: Taking Big Data to the Next Level

Mudragada Durga Prasad | Founder & CEO | Bigdatamatica Solutions

Data analytics is becoming the lifeline of the IT industry as the range of technologies such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud Computing, Blockchain Technology, and Augmented Reality are used to analyze the large volumes of data. The expansion of IoT has added innumerable new sources of big data to the data management landscape. This has made big data a trendsetter by throwing its high impact on the IT industry. Business intelligence is the key to stay competitive while data analytics is providing the up-to-date information. The data analytics strategy stands on top of the latest data analytics trends and benefits greatly to gain deep insights into customer behavior, systems performance, and new revenue opportunities.
The world of big data requires handling tremendous amount of data and changing the data into insightful one. Bigdatamatica Solutions has been serving the IT industry for more than 13 years and has outshined among peers as one of the most prominent analytics company. The company has shown its excellence in various processes of Big data and Analytics, Business Intelligence (BI), Reporting, and Storage & Data Warehousing solutions. It has boosted BI and Big data with varied software tools and services such as Watson Analytics, Hadoop, Spark, SparkRMlib, Python, Cognos BI, SPSS, TM1, Machine Learning, MongoDB and Cassandra NoSQL, AWS, Tableau, and Qlikview advancements. It delivers best-of-breed, simple to utilize analytics and business solutions for small to medium- sized organizations.
Vibrant Leader of the Company
Mudragada Durga Prasad is the Founder & CEO of Bigdatamatica Solutions, who is a Computer Engineer graduate from the Institute of Engineers (India). He established the company in 2015 with a vision to make the organization as the leading company in Big data, Artificial intelligence and analytics. He has a vast experience for more than 13 years in the field of BI analytics, AI, Big data Hadoop, and Machine learning which has made the company more competitive. He has given his fruitful contribution to renowned MNC’s such as Deloitte, CapGemini, BUPA, HSBC, Mphasis, AIG etc. in countries like United Kingdom, Ireland, USA and India.
Uniqueness of Bigdatamatica in the field of Analytics
The company has been spending much time on Big data, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics technology since long which has made assisted them in crafting a robust and dynamic team which carries more than 15 years of experience all together in IT industry. The company holds a clear roadmap for ‘Analytics-as-a Service’ concept which gives an understanding of structured, semi-structured and unstructured control of data within and outside the company. Its team has a solid passion for client loyalty and is committed to convey genuine services that will surpass the clients’ expectations.
Making its Glorious Way through Challenges
Various challenging factors in the IT industry such as increased competition, financial mismanagement, and professional missteps eventually lead to hamper the organizations’ development. Hence, to make its way and to ensure long-term success, Bigdatamatica is engaged in a comprehensive examination of its business that includes a process of ‘Evaluating the past and visioning the future’. This program helps to keep a track on the company’s past activities and what should be done in future to expand its roots in the industry. This scrutiny includes every aspect of business like Capabilities, Offerings, Markets, Research and Development, Sales and Marketing, and Business operations and Finances. The team believes that the process of foresight is essential to make its future bright and organized.
Bigdatamatica is expanding its services to various parts of the globe and has recently made partnerships with big data giants like Hortonworks, Cloudera, MapR and IBM. The company has also collaborated with B3-DS digital solutions to work for multiple Big Data and Analytics Projects.
Invincible Future of the Company
The organization is heading with its On-Premise and Cloud based upcoming projects and product development which includes wide range of solutions and services such as Chatbot (Calling Bot, Database Bot, Interactive computer Avatars, etc.) development, Cyber Security Solutions, Network Optimization Solutions for better customer service, and Bot/IP Analysis and Customer Recommendations. It also works prominently on analytical services such as 360 degree view of a customer, Financial fraud & Healthcare Predictive Analysis, and Situational Analysis & Threat Analysis. Bigdatamatica also taps in the field of AI which includes vast range of services like Facial Recognition and Conversion with Deep Learning, Behavioral Tracking, Prediction and Recommendation, Financial Guidance and Support Systems, Monitoring Prediction and more. The ‘go-getter’ attitude, powerful group of experienced employees and an optimistic and poised approach makes the future of Bigdatamatica invincible.
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