Alqimi: Redefining Organizations with Powerful Data Intermigration Platform


Data analytics are fast becoming the livelihood of IT. Big data, machine learning, deep learning, and data science — the range of technologies and techniques for analyzing vast volumes of data is expanding at a rapid pace. To keep an edge over your competitors and gain deep insights into customer behavior, systems performance, and new revenue opportunities, your data analytics strategy will benefit significantly.
Alqimi, the big data analytics expert provides innovative services to help the organization in the arena of Consulting, Program Management, and Software solutions. They build big data fusion for integrating, managing, and securing any kind of data at a gigantic scale. In addition to these platforms, they provide an intuitive and interactive layer application for an exception user experience.
Alqimi provides Powerful Data Integration Platform to their customers. They have the ability to harvest and pre-process structured and non-traditional (unstructured) data for analytics. They also deliver Application Agnostic Integration Services (embedded and linked), Integration of legacy data, applications, which is a powerful investment protection tool. Their other notable services are compelling visualization of analytic output, Scalable implementation, Open application architecture, Modular component design, Easy to use, Rapid (2-4 hours) and simple to learn interface, Adaptable to n-number of industries, and Delivered primarily as a Cloud Solution.
An Erudite Leader of the Company
An MBA graduate, Nitin Kalra, has 16 years of vast experience in the arena of International Sales and Business Development , Operations and is currently supervising the position of the Country Manager and Director for all of ALQIMI’s India operations. In India, ALQIMI Group is currently developing projects, marketing its Analytics & Intelligence software product and employing a cutting edge software development lab. As a trailblazer leader, Nitin oversees these operations on behalf of ALQIMI Group. Since its inception he has been taking it to appreciable heights within a short span of time.
Some Inventive Steps which helped the company to Stay Above-all 
ALQIMI have a Big Data Analytics Product with capabilities to ingest data from multiple sources (and formats) and stage the data for advanced analytics to drive anticipatory business insight using Natural language processing (NLP) and various off-the-shelf cognitive tools including IBM’s Watson. They have had experience of working with large volumes of data with Government, Healthcare, Finance , Retail  and international think tanks in the United States.  The product is established and a name to reckon with in the law enforcement domain. The company’s current focus is to launch the product for India market for finance, retail, education and healthcare and other domains.
Some effective approaches which make Alqimi an organization different from its competitors are quick implementation from concept discussions to data insights. Easy training to get your analysts productive in no time, Optimal use of the analysts and manager’s time, and New and experienced users with the skill to collect & analyze open source data.
ALQIMI helps scale up decision making in an organization through their Insight as a Service (IaaS)
Customer expectations are now at an all-time high and competition is always increasing. Businesses are under constant pressure to increase efficiency and improve results. At the same time, the amount of available data is also exponentially growing. Companies can now collate information from across their organization, industry & open source. This gives them a serious competitive advantage in seeing where improvements are needed, where trends in sales have increased or decreased, and where there are potential gaps in the market.
Based on my recent industry experience all companies’ top management wants to use Big data analytics, but they don’t know where to begin with” says Nitin. He strongly believes that to get a flavor of Data analytics journey one must begin with Insights as a Service (IaaS). It covers doing the analysis on your Data on your behalf and presenting insights in storyboards to drive your business to great success.
Alqimi provide their analytics services by exploiting big data. Essentially, the companies contact with ALQIMI, when they lose their customers or want to gain insights on their next market or product flavor, in that case, the organization analyzes all data and comes out with the insights. They also analyze negative comments with a positive attitude; it helps organizations to maintain good relationships with their clients.
Basically, we search for answers in customer sentiments “why people hate a company” or “Why people deny buying a particular product “or what should be your next market or product offering. Our product independently search and analyzes the entire customer care issues without the help of human interference. We use proven and proprietary algorithms which captures all the relevant information and identifies the particular thing.” states Nitin.
Big Challenge in the field of Analytics
The challenges in the field of analytics are the STRENGTH Of ALQIMI. Usually, the legacy data (enterprise data) is available in different formats and is difficult to generate insights from the legacy data. SIFT , Alqimi’s Flagship product  can ingest the data and preprocess it using NLP (natural language processing) and create a DATA Lake, which is a preprocessed and supervised data fusion of enterprise data and open source data. ALQIMI sift can perform descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis on the same.
Footprint towards Promising Future
ALQIMI has already established their advanced technology lab in Gurgaon, they want to use the Indian Lab to serve customer Indian specific market. Their mission is to spread their cutting-edge services across the Asian countries. Moreover, they are leveraging their vast experience of handling large volumes of data with US military/Government customers and working on Big Data architecture to help their clients get better insights.
Source :-The 10 Most Prominent Analytics Companies

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