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A brief study on how the internet of things and cloud computing when interconnected with biometric attendance and access control systems is what we need in the future. 

Why IOT:

IoT or Internet Of Things, a name not so common but is commonly present between us nowadays. A simple definition to define IoT can be, an interconnecting system of computing devices and machines whether mechanical or digital connected with internet through identifiers and sensors holds the ability to transfer data from one network to another without the need of human interference. IoT can work with any of our home devices such as A.C, car, refrigerator, home lights to make them work with internet, for example, if we have left a light open while leaving the house, a message will be received on our phone regarding the same and just by clicking on it will make the light goes off. And not only in B2C but IoT is setting examples of professional comforts and production fertility in each every corporate sector and we will now give you a brief knowledge on what advantage can be opted when biometrics attendance and access control systems are connected with IoT.

Working with IOT:

A biometric recognition system which is itself a part of IoT scans fingerprint or face as an employee enrollment process enrolls and saves the finger/face template in its storage memory. These templates hold specific features which makes it different from every other template. Every time an employee punches the machine, it searches for the particular template from the database and similarly allows or restricts the entry and all this happen in seconds.

Biometric attendance machines with the support of IoT is helping the corporate world to improve their productivity by providing synchronized data on a real-time basis. IoT acts as an interconnecting medium by interfacing biometric data with other soft wares. It can check the actual manpower on a real-time basis, pushing it further to software like JSON and API and synchronizing the attendance data as soon as the punch is registered. this data can further be utilized for real-time activities, for example preparing roasters for the current shift with currently present employees.


Real-time data transporting activities is playing a vital role in almost every professional sector working on shifts or where manpower remains short. Mentioned below are some of the examples of how offices are benefited with IOT’s real-time data fetching services:

  • Assigning available doctors, nurses and staff for surgeries
  • Calculating production capacity per day by checking the current labour force present on the production line
  • Assigning cleaning staff and maintenance workers
  • Chefs, waiters and management staff in hotels, restaurants and clubs
  • Completing a team of technical assistants, call centre executives for smooth customer care services

Another benefit comes in the form of “Cloud Computing” through which all the attendance and access control data is stored in the remote server on the internet along with the internal storage which helps to regain the data in case it is lost from a computer system or machine damage.

Cloud computing along with IoT helps us to filter our search and give us only what is needed, as there can be an enormous amount of data in the cloud storage collected with the help of IoT and cloud computing acts as a pathway for the data to travel to its endpoint.

Messages or mails can be delivered to the employees about their late arrivals, early departures, incorrect punches, leave application submissions and many more.

A decisive commitment:

 With the growing roots of the internet in every corner of the world and its accessibility with every element trying to organize every bit of our lives with comfort, biometrics, IoT and cloud computing has started guiding our corporate world and helping in maintaining impressive manpower, production and management skills at the workplace. IoT has captivated many opportunities inside and will help us to make our offices more secure and precise with more new services and innovations.

 About the Company

Star Link Communication Pvt. Ltd.  is a leader in providing solutions related to Attendance and Biometric Access Control. With the sole motto to provide solutions quenching requirements of the clients, the company has served over eight thousand clients and is still counting. Incorporating the demands of the client, it provides solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, and requirement-specific, thereby leading to customer delight and reduction in the administrative cost.

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