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Dr. N. Sesha Reddy | Founding Chairman | AGBS

Education transforms not just individuals but the complete society. With changing times, and challenges, the coming generation needs to upgrade itself and get ready to face society and its challenges. Education acts as a means to empower them not only by making them understand the gravity of the situation but also providing solutions to the problems. It is up to the institutions to prepare the young generation ready to face these challenges and become a force to reckon with.

The quality of education and training being imparted in the educational institutions varies from excellent to poor. Some institutions in India are at par with the best in the world whereas others suffer from varying degrees of faculty shortage; infrastructure deficiencies; old curriculum; poor involvement in knowledge creation and dissemination, and more. Moreover, the issue here is just not the curriculum but the overall development of students into holistic individuals and leaders.

Abiding by its pledge to develop student capabilities and also of sustainable growth of businesses and society at large. Aditya Educational Institutions, has emerged as a premier institute by  churning educational and pedagogic experience for over 35 years. Aditya Educational Institutions is the foundation of Aditya Global Business School (AGBS.) The guiding factors of Aditya Global Business School are inspired by internationally accepted values, such as the principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

These principles seek to establish a process of continuous improvement of the management Institutions’  vision to develop new generation business leaders capable of managing the challenges faced by business and further society. Taking the cue from these guiding factors, AGBS adapts its curricula, research, teaching methodologies, and institutional strategies to suit the new business challenges and opportunities.

“Our mission is to groom the talents and foster the development of leadership qualities among students by adhering to our disciplinary strengths.”

A Passionate Leader

Aditya Global Business School is the first of its kind B School in East Godavari Region, Andhra Pradesh.It was born out of the sheer passion of the founding Chairman, Dr. N. Sesha Reddy. As a youngster, he aspired to qualify in the Service Commission Examinations. But destiny had other plans. Challenges faced by him at the Service Commission Examinations took him on an entirely different journey to re-discover the student in him.

Unfazed by challenges, he began to focus on the road ahead. As a student, he had struggled to find a good institution that could help him achieve his goal. Also his financial situation did not allow him to venture far out in search of a good educational institution. These adversities gave him an opportunity to provide for others that he could not find for himself. Thus began his career in the education sector as a Lecturer that  finally culminated in laying  the foundation stone of Aditya Educational Institutions. Today Aditya stands tall in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh from KG to PG with 50 Educational Institutions, 5,000 employees, 50,000 students. This success is because of; the initiative, the determination, and the commitment of its founder. Add to this his vision and the desire to serve the students and the responsibility of the faith of Aditya’s parents in him.

The development has been consistent because Dr. Sesha  Reddy never took the middle ground – did not compromise in providing infrastructure, policy and procedures, finding dedicated faculty, and  adapting  to changing needs. He strongly believed in the philosophy – thought, word, and deed. He explains, “If a firm is run inefficiently the loss accrues to that firm or connected persons alone, but if an educational institution is run inefficiently or negligently lives of thousands of students are at peril.”

“AGBS provides activity-based academic, research, and service programs of high quality.”

An Effervescent Campus

 Enthusiasm and passion greet one and all when they enter the Business School’s campus. The campus acts as a place where dreams are nurtured. The campus boasts of:

  • Diverse Culture: Students from across 14 states in India and abroad make the campus a diverse hub of different languages and cultures.
  • Case-based Pedagogy: Students are presented with real or hypothetical business situations where they are encouraged to come up with a solution that calls for mastery of various skills.
  • Periodical Surveys: Students meet various stakeholders like Entrepreneurs,Customers, Retailers etc to conduct surveys and understand them with insight.
  • Guest Lectures and Workshops: Guest lectures and self-development workshops are organized continuously to give an added dimension to the courses at AGBS. The fascinating lectures on various topics evoke curiosity, boost confidence and enable interaction with different personalities.
  • Industrial Visits: Visits are conducted to Industrial Houses and Businesses to gain firsthand knowledge – translating students’ theoretical quest into practical exposure.
  • Corporate Readiness Program: The placement and training cell spares no efforts in running various programs and collaborating with various industries and organizations to hone the student to be placement ready.
  • Events and Festivals: AADIT – the highest peak: AADIT an annual management event to enhances the performance and skills of students by providing opportunity for creativity not only in academic but cultural events also. The event introduces the notions of different management games wherein it aims to set the baseline for innovation and creativity.
  • Business Round-Up: It is a practice at AGBS that a weekly current affairs program presented to and by the students is organized to enhance their general awareness. It is a sublime platform for students to enhance and exhibit their communication, presentation skills, etiquette, and public speaking skills.
  • Crescendo: In house Club-wise competitions are conducted among the students to identify the talents.
  • Clubs and Communities: Clubs are considered as networking lifelines for students. The various clubs are Marketing Club, Finance Club, Human Resources Club, Information Technology Club, Quiz Club, and English Club.
  • Graduation Ceremony: A proud moment for student and parent alike .It is the culmination of their journey into the outside world, conducted every year
  • Alumni Association: It helps students to remain connected to their alma mater and to their juniors. It also acts as a supportive platform for students who are venturing out.

We include the values of global social responsibility as portrayed in international initiatives in our academic activities and curricula.

Partnering with Technology

With technology ruling the roost in every field, educational institutes are also warming up to its use and utilizing it efficiently. At AGBS, the Campus Recruitment Training Lab trains the students beyond technological and management labels  to equip them with skills required for advancement of their careers.

The courses are specially designed to give the student a holistic experience that goes beyond academics to benefit the student personally and professionally. The teaching methodology is a blend of theory and interactive sessions, fieldwork, projects, and presentations. Following practices are  diligently followed at Aditya:

  • Case Study Method
  • Simulations
  • Live Surveys
  • Industry experience sharing by senior officials
  • Activity-based learning
  • Seminars
  • Personality development training, grooming, soft skills development, analytical skills training for competitive exams
  • Special CAT training for BBA students

Facing the World

The real test for the students starts when they leave the campus and enter the business world. The college strives to sustain excellence, quality, and relevance while equipping the students to meet the demands of management field. In this pursuit of providing quality education, AGBS prepares the students not only from an academic perspective but also from a practical perspective for which case studies, group discussions, jam sessions, industrial visits, Guest Lectures, Business Round up, Quantitative aptitude and Logical Reasoning are imparted.

More to Offer

The vision of  Aditya Global Business School has always been creating transformational business leaders. And its endeavours are channelled towards this vision- to be an institute of excellence committed towards research and entrepreneurial skills. To this effect, many panel discussions on burning issues are organized for students,to give them a sneak peek into the contemporary world. In the very near future, the institute is planning to offer Digital Marketing & Data Analytics specializations under BBA Stream.

“We generate educational frameworks, materials, processes, and environment that enable effective learning experience to make the students responsible leaders.”

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At a Glance:

Programs offered:

  • BBA : Bachelor of Business Administration (by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada )
  • IMBA : Integrated Master of Business Administration (by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada )
  • BBA : Bachelor of Business Administration ( by Adikavi Nannaya University )
  • BBA : DIGITAL MARKETING ( by  Adikavi Nannaya University )


  • AGBS is the only college in Andhra Pradesh to get accredited by International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE)
  • Received silver rank in AICTE-CII-Survey-Report-2018-19 out of 755 institutes
  • Best B-School Ranking certificate from Silicon India for AGBS for AGBS
  • Across India Ranking;
    • 28th Rank in Overall B-Schools in India
    • 8th Rank in Industry Interface
    • 9th Rank in Return on Investment
  • Zonal Ranking: 11th Rank in South Zone

Quick Info:

  • Campus(s): Aditya Global Business School, Aditya Nagar, ADB Road, Surampalem – 533 437
  • Accreditation: AICTE Approved Institute & Educational Member of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE)
  • Placement Percentage (last Academic Year): 92%
  • Most Popular Course: BBA, IMBA

“We establish a congenial rapport with industry and business corporations to extend our knowledge.”

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