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Bold Marketing

Humans are social animals and communicate best when they meet face-to-face. People value opportunities to meet in person to exchange ideas and they enjoy it most at the time of coming together for celebrations, ceremonies or events. But bringing people together for events can be a complex task, especially when large number of people are involved or when participants have high expectations of the amenities they will enjoy. As a result, event management companies work on a multitude of events with one goal, to make the event run smoothly. Bold Marketing is one such company aiming to deliver glitch free experiences to their clients.
Delivering Unique Solutions
Bold Marketing is a 360° events & marketing solutions provider based in Pune, India, providing end to end Event Management, Turnkey Brand Activation Projects, Employee Engagement Programs, Wedding Management, Creative Design Services etc. Through its network of affiliates and associates, the company has successfully executed a variety of projects across the country. These projects include large format outdoor events, product launches, annual functions, family days, rewards and recognition ceremonies, high end conferences, weddings etc.
Bold Marketing provides an array of services which includes all formats of event management, BTL promotions, concert and artist management, employee engagement programs, creative design, branding etc. The company provides unique solutions, new experiences, and out of the box alternatives to their clients. The aim of Bold Marketing is to be rated as one of the best event management companies in India.
Ensuring Client Satisfaction
The most important responsibility of an event management company is to ensure that the event undertaken is planned to perfection and executed flawlessly. The creativity with which the event is conceptualized is also of paramount importance. The company believes, “It is this quirky side that makes us bold in our approach and differentiates us from the others.”
At Bold Marketing, they have a team of young and enthusiastic individuals who have a passion for event management. Their focus is on delivering customized, stress free experiences to the clients and they are being able to do the same using their expertise and attention to detail for every project. Their experienced technical personnel as well as young, creative and enthusiastic freshers bring in a very different perspective in all the projects. Not only is there perfect work distribution between the team of Bold Marketing, but there is a joint effort in execution too. Their in-house design team, production team, business development team and operations team, ensure that their clients are always happy, satisfied and well informed about their progress in the industry.
The Dynamic Duo
The dynamic and energetic duo, Vinay Pawar & Rohit Jacob are two Co-Founders of Bold Marketing. Vinay has extensive work experience in the telecom industry and manages the technical side of things at Bold Marketing. Rohit is an MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis and manages the creative side of things in the company. He also overlooks operations of the projects undertaken and ensures that everything is as per the clients expectations.
Together, the duo ensures that the team is up to date with the latest technologies as well as the latest event trends and that the work is divided equally and to the right resources to ensure efficiency in the way a project is managed.
Going an Extra Mile
The biggest project that Bold Marketing has managed is the Racold 9 city product launch for which they had gone an extra mile and created a brand new projection mapping launch sequence which had to be successfully replicated in all 9 cities that they were covering. What made this difficult for them was the fact that the hall dimensions in all the cities were different and customized content had to be recreated in record time as the events were almost back to back. The company successfully executed this event with proper planning and detailed work flows being prepared before the start of the project. 
A Part of Networking Groups
According to Bold Marketing, the overall effect of GST is now starting to show in the event industry. Rates are slowly but surely coming down yet the quantity of work hasn’t increased in proportion to this reduction, which shouldn’t be the case. They are remaining up to date with the event industry by being a part of various networking groups in the country, being associated with a lot of exhibitions and seminars and by being socially active. They also keep a close watch on what their peers are doing across the country and the world.
The Future Plans of Bold Marketing 
The greatest strength of Bold Marketing is their “never give up” attitude and that they look at things from various perspectives. Their young yet experienced team and their free spirited attitude makes them unique as clients can always expect ideas from them which have never crossed their minds before. This helps the company by giving them an array of ideas to pick and choose from before actually narrowing down on what has to be pitched to the client. This way, the number of clients that the company can approach and pitch to is much higher which helps with their future plans.
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