Ministry of Events: The Flamboyant Showman of the Event Management Industry

Ministry of Events

The market share of event industry in 2016-17 was about Rs. 5,631 crore. It is estimated that the event industry in India will grow at a pace of 16% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) and will cross 10,000 crore mark by 2020-21 as per EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association) report. Digital activation, sports leagues, rural expansion and government initiatives followed by IPs, personal events, product launches, and expansion of mini metros are touted as some of the key drivers for the up surging in the event industry.
Ministry of Events is one such prominent name in the field of Event Management which is known for delivering exemplary services with their innovative design, elegant theme décor and radiant lighting that is also at a very reasonable cost. The firm has the expertise in crafting a “WOW” factor with its services and also saves clients valuable time and money by taking full accountability of making an event a grand success.
The Captain of the Ship
Thilak Mathivanan is the Founder and CEO and Anushree Surana is the Co-founder of Ministry of Events. Thilak has pursued his graduation from the prestigious Bangalore University and has a rich industry experience of over 14 years. His vast experience helped him to foster his event management and strategic planning skills to the next level. With the mission of delivering superior event management services of any kind; by engaging the clients from start to end, Mathivanan has started Ministry of Events in 2010. Event planning, event execution, event marketing, customer relation are some of his core skills where he excels the most. His meticulous planning and timely delivery has been the reason of massive success of MOE. Today, MOE is among the top 25 fastest growing event management company in India with an ISO 9001:2015 certification.
Flamboyant Nature Leads towards the Growth Trajectory
Ministry of Events has made its presence felt across the nation with their fresh, creative and flamboyant event management services. MOE has a robust and experienced team of event managers who have a deep appetite and proficiency of transforming an ordinary event into a spectacular show. MOE communicates and understands client’s needs and then tailors a distinct solution which matches with the latest fashion. MOE firmly believes in clients engagements throughout the process so that it caters what exactly is expected from the client side.  Meticulous planning, elegant design, collaborative work environment along with creativity and innovation outshines MOE from the other contemporaries. Apart from these qualities out of box thinking, friendly attitude, affordable pricing, timely delivery makes the company a dominant player in the highly competitive market.
MOE has gained trust from various industry veterans for their superior and qualitative event management services and won many accolade as well for the same. CGI, Infosys, Maruti Suzuki, AISATS, L&T, EY, Deloitte, Cushman & Wakefiled, Ness Technologies, ACT Broadband, Zuari group, Vedanta Industries are some of their prominent clients.
MOE takes cognizance of every facets of an event into consideration to bring a “Wow” factor in it. Be it conceptualizing an event, executing the event, provide training for employees for internal performances or creating stage and set as per the theme.
Wide Array of Qualitative Services
These are some of the distinguished services of MOE which it offers to its clients.

  • Corporate Events.
  • Company Product Launch.
  • Dealers Meet.
  • Branding and Marketing Positioning.
  • Award Ceremonies.
  • Themed Event Parties.
  • Live Shows and Concerts.

Whether it’s a personal event or professional one, MOE excels in both the formats. The company delivers top notch event management service of any magnitude; ranging from a small themed event at client’s home to a mega corporate event of any Multinational giants. They have a battery of trained and experienced professionals who always present at the event for its smooth execution. High level of professional commitment makes MOE the leading event management company in India.
MOE’s passion lies in making small things big and big things even bigger. They give special emphasis on lighting and sound to create the right ambience at any event. Aesthetic aspect further adds more value to ambience which creates a strong positive impression of the clients among its guests. One can trust MOE service which has the potential to turn an event into a grand success.
Apart from all these vital facets; MOE arranges refreshments and conveyance for events such as award ceremonies; Prop-ups, costume designs for themed events and parties; marketing and promotion for events such as exhibitions; Tickets and visiting card printing for events such as live shows and concerts. MOE further supports in arranging and managing press and media gatherings for various events.
Challenges as a Catalyst for Growth
MOE has seen and turned many challenges into an opportunity to grow further. Whether it’s about price war or challenging launch of AISATS Coolport, MOE’s sheer determination, positive attitude and deep experience helped them a smooth sailing even into the storms like situations.
Future Viewpoint
As tourism and hospitality is now seen an integral part of Event Management, MOE believes that there is a gigantic market which needs to be tapped to cater the needs of aspiring clients. With their core competency and quick turnaround time, MOE has the potential and aspiration to mark their presence felt even into the untested water.
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