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For the last 15 years, BROWZ has worked with the world’s largest organizations across more than 33 industries to implement supply chain prequalification and compliance programmes. BROWZ addresses your needs related to identifying risk within your supply chain, managing employee-level data, conducting safety auditing, and sourcing new suppliers.
Elaine Beitler, Executive of BROWZ
Elaine Beitler is the Chief Executive Officer for BROWZ, LLC and member of the Board of Directors. Ms. Beitler holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BA from the State University of New York at Albany. With over 30 years of experience leading business and technology solutions, Elaine brings the experience, passion, and proven ability to drive value for BROWZ’ clients. Elaine’s experience at companies such as Bowne & Company and Seagram & Sons, provided her with global experience leading businesses, and technology across a diverse group of businesses.
Supply Chain Dynamics
A wide range of dynamic factors -industry, applicable government and regulatory authorities, differing tiers of supplier risk, global operations, and multilingual requirements – all combine to create a unique compliance mandate for businesses. When enterprise organizations partner with BROWZ, they don’t have to settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to supplier qualification and supply chain assessment. BROWZ partners with them to create a supply chain qualification and management program that fits their unique business requirements.
Supply Chain Solutions
BROWZ ensures supply chains are safe, qualified, and socially responsible, by delivering a comprehensive solution to pre-qualify, assess, and monitor compliance based on the unique needs of its customers.
The BROWZ product suite is built on a patented, configurable BROWZ software platform that allows you to specify and implement a supply chain qualification program that’s right for your business.
SURE Qualify is the center of the BROWZ product suite, enabling you to identify risk within your supply chain in key areas such as insurance, environmental health and safety, corporate social responsibility, financial stability, supplier demographics, security, and much more.
SURE Workforce allows you to manage the qualification down to the employee level within your supply chain. This can include employee-level documentation and data, delivery of web- based induction trainings, integration with badging and ERP systems time tracking and much more.
SURE Audit provides insight into the depth, trends, and culture of a supplier’s safety program by using qualified professionals to perform audits of safety programs and management systems, looking for both lagging and leading safety indicators.
Ready Source is a web-based supplier prequalification portal, where suppliers submit information about their business so they can evaluate their contractors prior to awarding work, expediting the sourcing process.
BROWZ Contractors Outperform
BROWZ brings visibility to the supply chain allowing customers to make informed decisions to reduce risk throughout their organization. This provides a safer work environment for BROWZ Contractors Outperform. BROWZ has recently completed a benchmarking study showing the safety rates of suppliers in their database as compared to the national averages. For Total Recordable, Days Away, Restricted or Transferred, and Lost Workday Rates, BROWZ suppliers outperformed the national average by 52-60%.
Looking towards the Future
BROWZ is focused on innovation and accessibility. In 2015, BROWZ introduced two award winning mobile apps, BROWZ for Clients and BROWZ for Suppliers. Looking towards the future, BROWZ is releasing additional apps in 2016 for added accessibility and access across its product suites.
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