Celoxis: All-In-One, Online Platform for Project Portfolio Management and Work Collaboration


Celoxis is a world’s leading online platform for project portfolio management and work collaboration. First Indian SaaS company, Celoxis has over 2,000 customers and thousands of active users, globally, ranging from midsized businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Companies have been using Celoxis to manage their small teams and small projects to large virtual teams and multi-million dollar projects successfully. The flexibility of the tool lies in the fact that it has been used to manage projects in Hollywood movies, World Series Hockey, the study of ocean currents, large mining sites and even in building the world’s fastest Camaro.
Today, Celoxis is used by brands like Bombardier, Deloitte, LG, Singapore Post, Del Monte Foods, The University of Queensland, Fuji Xerox, Jabil, Covidien, Whirlpool, and The Supreme Court of Ohio.
Ravindra Wankar & Nikhil Daddikar, Established Entrepreneurs
Celoxis was founded in May 2001 by Ravindra Wankar and Nikhil Daddikar. Ravindra holds a Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai. Nikhil is a Computer Science Graduate from IIT Bombay. Both have over two decades of experience in project management solutions.
When Nikhil and Ravindra were working together in the U.S, they realized the dynamism in project management and collaboration challenges at the workplace, where Microsoft Project and Excel weren’t going to be enough. They were quick to recognize the era of browser-based software. Perceiving that On-Premise deployment was a necessity and that Cloud-based model would also take off in a big way; they provided these deployment options in the software from day 1. Today, Celoxis is still one of the very few PM software to offer SaaS and On-Premise deployment options.
At Celoxis, the duo is completely involved in all aspects of the business, including the development of new features and support operations. Fine-tuned with the real customers, they are quick to redress their pain points, not just with the product but with the overall vendor experience.
Celoxis Improves Visibility of Projects, Accelerates Real-Time Collaboration, and Boosts Work Efficiency
Celoxis is an enterprise-grade software that can help plan and coordinate projects, and track resource capacities, utilization, budgets, revenues, risks, and requests, all within a single platform. With Celoxis, managers can keep all stakeholders on the same page and facilitate seamless real-time collaboration. It has one of the best reporting engines, most scalable interactive Gantt charts, and the easiest-to-use timesheets.
Using Celoxis, organizations can get rid of isolated applications, emails, and spreadsheets to manage & track bugs, issues, risks, change requests, approvals and other workflows that are crucial to their projects. Celoxis is also extremely customizable and is designed in such a way that the advanced capabilities don’t get in the way.
According to Zendesk, Celoxis’ support is better than 94.7% of other Zendesk customers. They have the best engineers managing their support operations. Celoxis also offers training and onboarding programs that are conducted by project management experts and PMP certified trainers.
The Future is Exciting
Last few years have seen dramatic changes in business environment. Projects have gained strategic importance and are not just viewed as delivery mechanisms anymore. Dynamics of people and organizations at all levels has drastically shifted. New approaches to workplace have evolved due to ever-changing and expanding technology. The need for strategic alignment has prompted organizations to focus on portfolio management. For Celoxis, this translates to keep pushing the boundaries of project portfolio management and work collaboration with an astute focus on innovation and customer experience.
Suggestion for New Startups
If you can do things that others can’t easily duplicate or you see something that others don’t, then yes, go for it. You need to know where YOU come in. Why YOU? If you can answer that, then there is a good chance you’ll succeed. What you require committing is at least two years away from your day job. You can’t do it part-time! You may not always find angel investors, so you should be prepared to toil in for at least a couple of years.
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