Businesses are About Strengthening Ties


The world is a sea of opportunities and there is no dearth of people who swim across it to find their own shell and grow. A growing Global Economy needs people and countries who offer equal opportunities to everyone. The Middle East region, which is growing with each year, is one such amalgamation of people, Government and opportunities coming together for holistic growth.
India and Indians have always found a special mention when it comes to relations with the Gulf Region. Indian expatriates form one of the largest communities in the Gulf. In this issue of Insights Success, we are glad to enlistThe 10 Most Influential Indian Business Leaders in the Gulf. These are the people who form the threads of the strong ties that bind the two powerful regions of the world.
This issue features Amit Marwah, Head, Investments & Strategic Partnerships of Dayim Holdings, Madhav Kurup, CEO for Middle East and South Asia (MESA) of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics LLC,M K Asher, Founder & Senior Partner of Mahendra Asher & Co., and Tariq Chauhan, CEO and Founder of EFS Facilities Services.
The issue also highlights the viewpoint of Ashish Saraf, Director of Nippon Data Systems who shares his insight about Emerging Technologies:Changing the Business Paradigms and Mithun Appaiah, CEO of Innovative Foods Ltd who speaks about The Outlook for the Frozen Food Market in the Gulf region. Read on the insightful interview of Nicole Rodrigues, Founder, Diva Group of Companies, as she narrates the story of how a one-woman-show revolutionized the modeling industry in the UAE. Our in-house article Gulf Calling!! from Travel Diaries takes you on a virtual tour of the Gulf Region. Read about the Trending Business Ideas in the Gulf from Startup Ideas.
We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we did while creating it!!
Source :-The 10 Most Influential Indian Business Leaders in the Gulf

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