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The Gulf Region has emerged as a great tourist attraction over the decade with its beautiful amalgamation of sea and sand. Apart from the beauty bestowed by nature, the region boasts of some exquisitely designed constructs and showcases the amazing work that human beings can do when they take things into their hands. Without going much into the intrinsic details, let’s pack our bags and plan and select from a plethora of exotic destinations a vacation to one of these destinations.
From sand dunes to the exotic safaris, the gulf cities have built some of the world’s best architectural marvels in the forms of residential and commercial buildings, theme parks, adventure arenas and so on. Let’s explore some of the must-visit places and decide our next trip accordingly:
The Desert – Live the Desert Safari when you are in the Gulf. You can traverse the desert in a four-wheeler and dune buggy and enjoy sand boarding, hiking, camel rides and experience desert nights in Bedouin-style camps.
Burj Khalifa – The tallest structure or building in the world deserves a visit for sure. It has an observation deck which gives visitors a Panoramic view of Dubai and supports activities like base jumping and is surrounded by malls and hotels creating a financial ecosystem.
Sheikh Zayed Mosque – The Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is magnificence personified. The grand mosque reflects Islamic architecture and is adorned with gold, mosaic tiles, and glass work, marble and pristine white stone.
Louvre Abu Dhabi – While you are in Abu Dhabi do not forget to experience The Louvre in UAE. Inaugurated by the French President himself, the art and civilization museum houses artworks from around the world and is an astonishing piece of art and architecture in itself.
The Palm Jumeirah – The Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island and archipelago built into the Persian Gulf is an architectural marvel. Created using land reclamation, the archipelago has residential units, hotels, restaurants, shopping complexes and more. The Lost Chambers Aquarium, at the Atlantis Hotel at The Palm is another attraction which is an underwater city.
Bastakia – The Bastakia quarter or Old Dubai shows tourists the old world charm. This heritage area has buildings preserved in typical Arabian Style of Architecture. Most of these houses have been turned into a museum and are open to tourists for a typical Arabian experience.
Al-Hajar Mountains – The Al-Hajar Mountains, Oman provide a perfect road-trip through the desert. Nature lovers will love to trek, hike, bike, and bird-watch on these roller coaster roads and peaks.
Emirates National Auto Museum – One cannot imagine Gulf without a special mention to cars and automobiles. The Emirates National Auto Museum, Abu Dhabi is a pyramid house that has more than 200 cars belonging to the Royals.
Gold and Spice Souk – And finally one cannot leave the Gulf without satisfying their shopping souls. The world famous gold, spice and fish souks spread over different cities in the Gulf Region offer a variety of glistening gold and spices from around the world.
Apart from these, there are many other tourist spots that one can visit in the Gulf!

  • Sneha Sinha

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