BYJU’s acquires WhiteHat Jr for $300 million

Online Education Platform| BYJU

Byju’s, an Online Education Platform purchased WhiteHat Jr, a Mumbai based educational technology firm in an all-cash transaction worth $300 million. The acquisition marks Byju’s exposure to a rapidly growing segment of computer code education for high school and university students.

It is the fifth acquisition of BYJU and the largest. In the first-ever acquisition of a US company in January of 2019, it recently purchased Osmo, an educational business for $120 million.

WhiteHat Jr. is a technology platform and is specifically aimed at students from 9 to 12 classes. The EdTech company was founded in November 2018 and allows kids between 6 and 14 years to develop online games, animations, and applications that are ready for commercial use. It offers four courses with beginners, intermediate, advanced, and professional levels.

WhiteHat Jr has just announced its intentions to spread to other foreign markets such as Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand and it has already been in the US since February 2020.

The acquisition would allow BYJU ‘S to extend its course offerings to school students in India by quickly emerging as a coding skills provider in the future. BYJUS is planning to spend more capital in the development platform for WhiteHat Jr, product creativity while increasing the teachers’ base to meet new business demands after the acquisition.

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