C-SQUARE: Controlling Your Business Anytime, Anywhere

C-Square with its ability to create advance technology solutions, which bridge the requirement gaps, has emerged as the leading solution provider of Enterprise-Resource-Planning (ERP) software & business intelligence (BI) tool for the pharmaceutical industry in India.
Artisans behind C-Square
Sripal Bachawat & Sajith Thattalath, Directors of C-Square come from a pharma background. Sripal started his career as an Operations Manager in a Pharmaceutical Distribution company which gave him the deep knowledge of the demand side business of Pharmaceuticals in India. Sajith, being the technical person has been providing Pharma solutions for the past 26 years. The synergy of both these founders has resulted in solutions tailor-made to the requirements of the Pharma industry in India.
Their first solution was PharmAssist, which is positioned for Pharma Wholesalers. The major concern for Pharma wholesalers in 2002, when they started C-Square, was exercising process control on a distribution business where the volumes are high due to the high number of brands in each company’s portfolio. This added a dynamic situation every time as the number of batches in circulation kept increasing. Reverse logistics was another area where they ensured clean process discipline. The process adherence was essential keeping in mind the tenets of the Drug Rules in India.
Exclusive Services Proffered
Go Green SFA (GGSFA) is the cloud-based sales force automation tool designed to improve the effectiveness of the medical field force with access on the go with both mobile and web interfaces. The solution has been designed specifically for the medical field force in India, giving them easy to use data capturing pages, ensuring higher acceptance levels and thereby enabling the decision makers to take proactive measures in the very competitive and fragmented Pharma sales and marketing industry in India. GGSFA is currently having more than 25,000 users and trusted by over 60 companies.
Go For Plus (Go4+) enables stakeholders, internal customers to access the required information at a click of a button. It streamlines and integrates multiple functions and systems into one solution and gives total visibility and control of operations. Simple yet powerful, Go4+ serves as your primary business management application. No more duplication, inefficient data entry, and reconciliation bottlenecks. Go4+ is used in over 430 C&Fs across India.
PharmAssist(PA) is their oldest and most mature application for the distributor segment of the Pharma supply chain. In volume driven revenue seen in distribution, ultimate control at all the employee touch points in the work flow is the hallmark of a mature specific business application. PharmAssist not only offers all this but also removes human intervention in reports and statutory returns. C-Square has more than 500 PA customer base across India.
Pharmsoft is the widely accepted and copied solution for the standalone pharmacies. It offers ease of use and also a 360o view of the customer eco system. It also incorporates the digital CIMS which helps the user to get a deep dive view of the myriad brands in the Indian Pharma market. They have more than 3600 installations across the country for Pharmsoft.
Eco Green is the flagship brand for the retail chains and also functions as an e-commerce engine. Eco Green is an ERP which can be deployed for distributed enterprises and has a depth of user profiles which encompasses the front end POS user to the warehouse manager and the picker. It also has a fully functional accounts and finance functionality.
The Clientele
C-Square is attaining new heights of success and transforming their dreams into reality and satisfying their customers by providing solutions which act as force multipliers to the Pharma demand side business players. Secondly, focus on sales with concentrated actions and concerted response consistent with the need of the market. And lastly, provides solutions which are customer centric and scalable with the needs of the business.
Future Perspective
C-Square is making big strides in the e-commerce segment with apps for both the B2B and B2C. Pharma Industry is a brand driven market with over 70000 brands. This results in inappropriate stocking, making the journey of shoppers quite complex. Besides, the insufficient stocking of the key fast moving brands creates friction of non-availability of essential drugs. This raises the need for creation of advanced technology solutions to bridge the requirement gaps.
Offering an e-commerce ordering platform (B2B) that gives the stock positions of the supplier in real time is what is going to set them apart. Other than this C-Square is actively involved in apps to ensure patient adherence to the drug regimen. This is another area where more activity will be seen as health care providers have realized the power of the mobile as an aide.

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