Discover Dollar: A Revolutionary Technology for Stopping Leakages and Overpayment

Retail Industry is mostly affected by leakages and over-payment. This has been absolute nightmare for merchandise managers and management where significant portion of Gross Margins were lost due to over-payment and under receipts. But Bangalore based fast growing startup Discover Dollar Technologies Pvt. Ltd have developed cutting edge technological solution to effectively overcome problems of over-payment and provide real-time analytics.

Discover More with Discover Dollar

Discover Dollar helps retailers to detect and resolve overpayments, missed discounts and un-recovered vendor incomes. Their powerful algorithms can scan through all available data sources including unstructured data like emails and contracts and notify relevant people in organization about potential overpayment and resolve it by just a click of a button.

Backbone of Discover Dollar

Subrahmanya Rao (Subu), Founder & CEO of Discover Dollar Technologies is a dynamic young professional with extensive knowledge in Retail, Merchandise and Recovery Audit Industry. Prior to Discover Dollar, Subu had startup in Education space and worked for Atlanta based company where he was involved in recovering multi-million dollar over-payments made by Retailers. He also has an MBA from SDM-IMD in 2010 and student entrepreneur during his graduation.

Subu was the only delegate representative chosen from India for prestigious TiECon 2015 in Silicon Valley. He was also a part of NASSCOM’s “Innotrek” delegation to Silicon Valley, where brightest Indian startups with global ambition are taken to San Francisco to meet the best startups, founders and investors of Silicon Valley.

As a founder of the company, Subu has developed a break-through solution which can detect & resolve over-payments made by retailers in real-time. Over the period of his career, he wore many hats as a Founder, Analyst, Auditor, Developer, Architect, Marketer, Manager, Mentor and Strategist. Subu is also very keen on learning new technology & trends. As a result, he has ability to solve complex problems by applying concepts from multi-disciplines. As an Individual, Subu is highly motivated, creative and quick learner. He not only has big ideas, but also has passion & ability to execute. Subu always look forward for challenging assignments where he can apply his skills and learn new things.

Services Proffered by Discover Dollar

The dynamics of retail is changing at a very fast pace. The change is demanding new way of looking at old problem. Discover Dollar is here to help their clients in gaining new insights to client’s merchandise operation. With Discover Dollar solutions their clients will be able to see Vendor Profitability, Margin distribution across categories, Vendor Compliance, Spike Report, Target GP to Actual GP, Margin Shrinkage Report, Bill Back Allowance Report etc. And with this analytics successful retailers will drive value and enhance profit in sustainable fashion. Their services include:

Recovery Analytics: They recover overpaid amount to vendors due to various reasons like system error, process error, human error, policy change and more. They get into deeper insights to achieve sustainable profits.

Merchandise Analytics:  They help retailers with their valuable insights into retailer’s merchandise procurement, profitability and margin analysis, vendor performance and many more custom reports. This will essentially help their customers to make better negotiations and deals with the vendors.

The Customer Base

Discover Dollar (D$) had built robust revenue leakage capturing product but had difficulty reaching out to large customers especially Fortune 500s. Target provided an opportunity to D$ to validate their product through its accelerator program. D$ got its first customer and now reached out by multiple Fortune 500 for implementing solution.

Discover Dollar helps corporations discover more profits and cash flows by identifying revenue leakages and overpayments by analyzing various data sources includes emails & contracts.

Discover Dollar’s product was validated during Target Accelerator Program and is now used by Fortune 500 retailers to capture multi-million dollar revenue leakages including Target Corporation which is second largest discount store in United States after Walmart. Discover Dollar has helped to save more than $50M of revenue leakage to be captured in right time which is commendable.

Awards and Recognition

Discover Dollar’s solution was awarded globally “Top 5 Most Innovative Solution” by SAP in Florida. Their solution is sought by Fortune 500 Companies with multi-billion dollar revenue. They were part of Target Accelerator and have Mr. Shibulal (ex-CEO Infosys) and Mr. Lalit Ahuja (ex-CEO Target India) as mentors. Also, they were part of Wharton Business School’s Case study “Technology & Entrepreneurship in India”. Brightest undergrads from Wharton Business School and IIM Bangalore have interned with them for consecutive two years. Discover Dollar is featured among ‘Emerging 20 Retail Software Companies by CIO Review 2015’.