CA Raj K Agrawal: Transforming India by Educating Bharat

CA Raj K Agrawal
CA Raj K Agrawal

The divide is not only digital. The divide is a chronological constant of positive change and its widespread resistance. This divide can only be bridged by the transcendental power of education. Education does not mean learning generations their letters – instead it means empowering them with the knowledge and wisdom of eons through the streaming of concurrent times. India has always been the land of globally renowned learned wise philosophers and scientists including,

  • Aryabhata (mathematician – the discoverer of zero, physicist, and astronomer),
  • Panini (Sanskrit philologist, Grammarian, and Scholar),
  • Bhaskaracharya (mathematician and astronomer),
  • Charaka (Father of Indian Medicine),
  • Swami Vivekananda (World renowned Indian Philosopher),
  • Rabindranath Tagore (World renowned Polymath, Creator of the Indian Anthem),
  • Meghnad Saha (globally renowned astrophysicist and the developer of the Saha Ionization equation),
  • Srinivasa Ramanujan (The Royal Society of London’s Fellow Mathematician),
  • CV Raman (Nobel prize in physics in 1930 and recipient of first-ever Bharat Ratna),
  • Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis (Father of Modern Statistics),
  • Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar (Father of the Indian Constitution),
  • Har Gobind Khorana (Nobel prize winner in 1968),
  • Subrahmanyan Chandrashekhar (Nobel Prize Winner of 1983),
  • Vikram Sarabhai (Father of the Indian Space Program),
  • Homi Jahangir Bhabha (Father of the Indian Nuclear Program),
  • APJ Abdul Kalam (The Missile Man of India and Bharat Ratna recipient), etc.

To bridge the vast divide and ensure that the list of wise Indians continues in the future, CA Raj K Agrawal, the Founder and CEO has taken upon himself the humongous responsibility of transforming India by educating Bharat with the establishment of Study At Home Pvt Ltd, a Virtual Learning and Educational Academy, in 2018, long before anyone thought in this regard.

Commencing the Noble Mission of All-Inclusive Education

A brilliant student throughout his studies, Raj always topped in his classes, “I was the winner at all competitions and an AIR in CA. I could not leave my love for education, and I started teaching immediately after my CA final exams.”

These tremendous achievements and his teaching style gave Raj an upper hand in teaching and a fillip in his career. Since then he has been teaching finance to Pan-India students of professional courses.

Raj made an astute observation during his education that the best coaching was available to the students of metropolitan cities only. Students from non-metro cities missed this opportunity altogether due to high tuition fees and the cost of living in metros. The times were unripe for online education. Yet, to level the playing field, Raj decided to begin the all-inclusive mission of online education and thus was born Study At Home.

Raj states, “I started this mission as a one-man army, and today I have my battalion of young minds with amazing skill sets who are working together to uplift students from non-metro, tier-2, tier-3 cities, towns, and even villages.”

Raj and his Study At Home team believe that when it comes to education, your dedication and quality of content must be on top priority. Apart from it, the lecture delivering style and building personal connections with students leads you to be excellent in the industry.

Raj further believes that we have 90% Bharat and just 10% India, and he aims to educate that 90% of Bharat. The Bharat, who speaks in Hindi, and

learns in Hindi. The Bharat, where 57% of the population earns less than ₹10,000 per month. The Bharat, who gave birth to all the earlier stated and many more generations of legends.

Continuing the Age of Knowledge

Raj imbibed several essential values very early on in his life: A clear vision, honesty, genuine compassion, dedication to deliver before deadlines, excelling in quality and commitments, and life-long learning habits to constantly better oneself.

Moreover, his optimistic approach and risk-taking ability have always been admired; for Raj, be it a success or failure, his optimism never dies and his creativity and ability to execute are important. He believes if his idea doesn’t solve the problem of millions of people, he cannot grow.

Raj shares, “My self-belief, my perseverance is paramount. I always make everyone understand that achieving goals never means goals set by others; one should set their own benchmarks and try to push them every day to become the best version of themselves.”

His willingness to learn; all entrepreneurs need to learn from other businesses and people, especially from small startups and other entrepreneurs too. “As it is really difficult to keep up the growth and there is no age of learning,” feels Raj.

Assurance of Excellence

Offering online education most simply and differing from very hi-tech players in the market, Study At Home is an EdTech firm committed to delivering within students´ reach and capacity with very affordable pricing. That is why they are delivering High-Quality Recorded Video Lectures, unlike live classes. Study At Home’s video contents can be downloaded with a dedicated Support System once purchased.

It gives internet-free access to studies at the students’ convenience. The virtual academy also has e-books and AI-enabled test series, which are continuously upgraded.

You can also find skill development courses delivered by celebrities. Raj and his team assimilate India’s Top Faculties to give a User-Friendly Experience with 24×7 Support.

Raj shares, “National Start-Up Award 2021 in Education and Skill Development category as a winner proves our worth in the industry and speaks of our success without us saying something.”

Talking about Study At Home’s USP, Raj says that there are many.

  • Study At Home’s windows-based video lecture does not require internet connectivity.
  • The test series it offers is AI-enabled. Also, it has test series for 1400+ exams
  • It offers lectures at just ₹50/ Month, which can be afforded by lower and lower-middle-class people also in rural areas as well. Hence, lowest price in the entire EdTech space.
  • It provides all four categories under one roof, Academic, Government Competitive, Professional, and Skill Development Courses too.
  • It has created this business with almost nil resources. It knows how to make optimum utilization of resources and funds too.
  • Well, its Technology is very user-friendly and superfine in such a way that there is just one student out of 500 who needs technological support.
  • IP rights of 95% of its offerings.
  • In-house technology development team.

Empowering Today’s Students to Become Future Legends is a leading EdTech company dedicated to providing quality pre-recorded lectures for Class 8 to 12, CA, CS, CMA, JEE, NEET, Banking, SSC, Railway, CLAT, Tally, Stock Market, Excel, PPT, etc.

It has the backing of several years of experience in shaping the world of Education.

It is on the cusp of modern trends, new technologies, and new ways to deliver education effectively and creatively. One can also prepare from the Best in the Comfort of their Home for Skill Development, Academic Exams, Professional Exams, and Competitive Exams.

Knowledge is not just profit but an asset. To keep assets free from depreciating, one needs to consistently upgrade them and add more value. “We understand this philosophy very well and so execute it. Our knowledge resourcing team is in continuous endeavours to create the best faculty pool for us.

On the other hand, our dedicated content development team is also updating and editing both online and offline content to make it easier and more interesting with the richest of its value. We always keep in mind the affordability and accessibility of our content,” says Raj.

As Raj mentioned earlier, Study At Home also has skill development courses made completely in-house, which has the greatest demand all across the country.

“As we are working forth for it, you will soon see more and more unique and most demanded videos coming forth from industry leaders and personalities,” expresses Raj.

Apart from that, the Study At Home School and College offerings, which are absolutely Free of cost to schools and colleges, has been a mega-hit with teachers. Given the pandemic challenges, this solution has served a perfect need of the hour for schools wanting to enable quality online learning for their students. So far, it has many schools and colleges that are benefitting from it. It provides skill development courses to them, which they don’t have in their curriculum.

Raj expresses, “As a brand, we have grown, and we have managed to reach out to the smallest of cities in India, and I guess that made us stand in today’s knowledge economy.”

Tech Expansion of Edu-Nation

According to Raj, advanced modern technologies are creating a new feel. Face to face study model has no alternative, but online platforms are pivotally doing bigger penetration amongst the target market.

Technologies like AI, ML, XR, etc., are bringing well this experience by creating a virtual face-to-face education experience at home. Even much more like teacher access, study material access, library access, repertory-based model, going back and forth in lectures, and even accessing other lectures in real-time.

Talking about technology enhancement – Automation in customer support, the advanced user interface on the website, and other technical support that has been outsourced, will now be created in-house.

Advancing to the charge over Study At Home learning app – Completely revamped and high-level security of the app. The app will also be available to access in different languages. Raj adds, “We will also add some features for gamification; Gamification elements add flavour and fun to learning, encouraging more frequent interactions with the training.” Advance in-app communication as interactions with online instructors will also be more direct and frequent, which helps students resolve issues fast and move on.

Our in-house team is working on this, and very soon, we will be in an online space with a difference. Our only wish is to make competitive education not just affordable and accessible, but also simple and understandable so that Young India’s tomorrow is secured creatively,” concludes Raj.

Raj’s Hall of Fame

Under Raj’s exemplary leadership, Study At Home’s received awards and recognition every year since its inception –


  • Asian Education Award 2022 for Best EdTech of the Year
  • Global Teaching Excellence Award 2022 for Edupreneur of the Year
  • Student Choice Award from Sourav Ganguly
  • Award of Innovation for social impact through technology by StartIn UP (UP Govt. Initiative)


  • Indian Achievers Award for Excellence in Education
  • Rising Star Award from Sourav Ganguly
  • International Fame Award 2021 for Best EdTech of the Year from Sonu Sood
  • National Start-Up Award 2021 from Piyush Goyal
  • Cash prize of 5 Lakhs from the Honourable Prime Minister


  • Start-Up Recognition by Central and State Government
  • Eligible Business Certificate from the Government of India

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