Dr Maimun Nessa: A Name Synonymous with Brilliance and Elegance

Dr Maimun Nessa
Dr Maimun Nessa | MD | Hebe Skin Hair and Laser Clinic

In the modern era of advancements, striving with a vision of innovation is a necessity, especially in the fields that are relatively connected and working towards human betterment.

It is a matter of fact that the healthcare sector significantly contributes to enhancing human lives. However, the field has been intricate with the ever-evolving host of challenges and emerging opportunities that are exponentially driving this industry’s growth. Healthcare professionals need to inculcate leadership values to meet the changing demands of the patients while also supporting hard-working medical staff.

There are a number of qualities and traits that patients seek in healthcare professionals, from physicians to aesthetic dermatologists. However, Dr Maimun Nessa, MD, is always appreciated for her pinnacle of expertise amalgamated with vital qualities that allow her to effectively communicate with patients and address their needs over the last ten years.

As a patient always feels valued and is genuinely supported by the doctors, it also enhances the overall experience of the clinic—making it stand apart from the rest; this is precisely how Hebe Skin Hair and Laser Clinic excels in the dermatology niche.

Let’s dive into the odyssey of Dr Nessa and explore the significant traits of staunch healthcare professional.

The Polymath with a Spark

Dr Maimun Nessa, MD (NM), PhD, is a name synonymous with appeal, radiance, and elegance in the world of aesthetics. Operating in the heart of the capital city of India, Dr Nessa, famously known as Dr Nisha among her clientele, has many certificates, diplomas, degrees, and fellowships in her name from across the country as well as from abroad.

 She has a Bachelor’s in Yoga and Naturopathy Medicine, followed by MD and PhD. She has also earned a Diploma in Meso therapy and Facial Injectables from the Institute of Medical Aesthetics, Dubai, a PG diploma in Trichology and Hair Transplant from ILAMED, Griefswald, Germany, and a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from Ayuesthetics, Pune.

Having hands-on pieces of training by the world’s best doctors and surgeons, both nationally and internationally, and innumerable workshops, as well, again in and outside the country, are multiple feathers in her cap.

She is a certified trainer in Facial Aesthetics and Injectables from the North American Board of Aesthetic Medicine, the USA, and an accredited trainer in Aesthetics and Facial Injectables from Prime Medical, Dubai. Not stopping here with her accolades, she has a Hands-on dual certification in Hair Transplant Surgery from Trinity Aesthetic Academy, Mumbai and the Institute of Medical Aesthetics, Cosmetology and Acupuncture, Mauritius.

Not to forget mentioning she is a brilliant doctor with 15 years of work experience in the field of aesthetics and is registered with American Aesthetic Board. She is an accomplished and eminent professional and has an exceptional mastery in skin treatment, laser treatment, facial aesthetics, hair treatment, hair restoration, and hair transplant. She is a pro in training doctors and therapists in aesthetic procedures nationally and internationally.

She is the recipient of awards like the Brand Icon Award, International Glory Award, and National Icon Award for Best Aesthetician and Trichologist, all presented by famous divas of Bollywood like Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta, and Ameesha Patel.

She started her entrepreneurial journey at the end of 2016 by establishing Hebe Skin Hair and Laser Clinic. Since then, there has been no looking back for her by the grace of The Almighty.

With a Spur for Augmentation

Her professional journey started with her affiliation with a few aesthetic and wellness organizations of repute nationally and internationally. She worked for many years as an employee but did not feel a kick. Somewhere at the back of her mind, she desired to be a job provider rather than a job seeker all her life.

She started her own setup in 2016. The process was scary, but the desire to reach the height of a well-known woman entrepreneur kept pushing her. Having no experience of a business in the market but a wholesome portfolio of skills, knowledge, and talent, she moved on.

 She started her venture during the era of demonetization, struggled at every step, surmounted hardships, faced criticisms, got mocked by people, and laughed at her guts; however, she survived it all, built her castle with the stones pelted on her, rose to the sky with the continuous upgradation of her skills and know-how, became a big hitter with her reverend presence at various events as a jury or a guest and, still, her remarkable odyssey continues with a profound legacy.

 Dwelling on Perpetual Adolescence

Hebe Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic was incepted in 2016 in the middle of the historic demonetization in India. The clinic was opened in October, a few days before November 8th. Initially, the clinic operated in Panchsheel Enclave and shifted to Malviya Nagar later.

Hebe offers a gamut of treatments ranging from skincare, laser, anti-ageing, dermatology, liposuction, facial aesthetics, hair transplant, and hair restoration to weight management and many more.

A few to name are hair meso therapy, anti-dandruff treatment, female balding treatment, tag/wart/mole removal, skin allergy treatment, dermatitis, freckles, melasma, stretch marks, earlobe surgery, bust correction, skin whitening, weight loss, fat freezing, fat grafting, body shaping, body lift, skin rejuvenation, collagen booster.

Also, Botox, fillers, glutathione skin, vaginal tightening, pigmentation, acne treatment, micro-needling, face contouring, nose correction, face tightening, smile correct, and face bio lift are also included.

Moreover, HIFU, tattoo removal, skin peels, BB glow, eyelid correction, dark circles, lip discoloration, pubic/underarms whitening, fine line treatment, and distinct types of facials such as hydra, jet glow, carbon, photo, oxygen, etc., and a lot more are carried out in the clinic.

The clients are catered to by experienced doctors and practitioners. The staff is well-qualified, trained and holds expertise in its work. The ambience of Hebe holds a poise and calmness, which provides the clients with a homely environment away from home. The services are given with all hygiene, keeping in mind that the clients may not face any sort of inconvenience.

Hebe Skin Hair and Laser Clinic uses the latest and most advanced technologies for treatment. These treatments are economical as well as skin-friendly, with minimal to no side effects. Well-known certified institutes medically and dermatologically test the types of equipment and treatments.

Cavitation, CRYO-LIPOLYSIS, derma pen, EMS, EXILIS, glass laser, HIFU, hydra facial device, Infra, LIPO laser belt, meso gun injection, micro bio lift, MNRF, oxygenio device, plasma pen, radio frequency, and thermage are some of them to mention.

The Words of an Adept Leader      

In the field of aesthetics, I am known as Dr Nisha, although the documents pronounce it as Dr Maimun Nessa. I am a practicing aesthetics physician and a trichologist working both in and outside India. With time, I have accumulated a bunch of certificates, diplomas, degrees, and fellowships. Our national institutes and the international ones have contributed to my academic and technical enhancements.

I conferred my bachelor’s degree in yoga and naturopathy before earning an MD and PhD. I also am a diplomate in Aesthetic Medicine from Ayuesthetics in Pune and in Meso Therapy and Facial Injectables from the Institute of Medical Aesthetics in Dubai. I also have a PG diploma in Trichology and Hair Transplantation from ILAMED in Griefswald, Germany.

Besides, I am a recipient of practical pieces of training from some of the top doctors and surgeons in the world, both domestically and abroad, and have participated in countless workshops, again both inside and outside the country. I have certifications in Facial Aesthetics and Injectables from the North American Board of Aesthetic Medicine in the United States and from Prime Medical in Dubai to my credentials.

Moving further, I also have a Hands-on dual accreditation in Hair Transplant Surgery from the Institute of Medical Aesthetics, Cosmetology and Acupuncture in Mauritius and Trinity Aesthetic Academy in Mumbai. Hebe has given me the shot, which helped me land on foreign soils with my online and offline training services. Hebe is not just a business for me. It is my strength – the strength of a woman; and the strength of all those beautiful and gorgeous women who have become part of this cavalcade and to many more who are in the queue.

I had a dream since childhood that I would someday have my own business, and I dared to dream that with open eyes. My past work experiences in various organizations provided me with a platform to meet different people and explore the industry deeply. I started realising the profuse requirements of women and acknowledged them. With each passing day, my dreams began to take form gradually.

My passion to dip myself in a deep sea of beauty and paving the way for others to take a shot too grew stronger in me. I felt that all women have exclusive rights to look good, feel good, pose good and be good. Someone was just needed to hold their hands and lead them the way. And I asked a question from myself – why not become that person?

I can proudly say that my firm is that place where best-customised services and treatments and one-to-one focus are placed; that too at very affordable prices as compared to the competitors present in the market. This strategy has helped me a great deal in combating my competitors.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that my interest in aesthetics, an obsession with beauty, and my devotion to providing the patrons with the best solutions to their problems helped me carve out a niche for me. This was made possible by my continuous endeavour to learn about the best and most advanced technologies and bring them to the table while updating my skills without a halt.

In my opinion, I have a habit, or you can say that I am very adamant about not to let go of my clients until they are given the desired results, even if they cave in. It may be a possibility that my clients like my “Never Give Up” attitude. I am a person devoid of ego games. My position and my skills never come in my way while dealing with a client. Another thing I recall is that many clients of mine have told me at times that they felt good about my way of dealing with them, that I cater for them professionally but always have a personal touch in it.

I feel lucky to operate during a time when technology has so much developed that work has become very easy. My clinic is equipped with advanced machines glorifying the era of artificial intelligence. The advanced equipment and high-end technologies help majorly in the proper and accurate diagnosis of the problems as per the clients’ skin type or hair type. These technical advancements have helped me immensely in treating my patients with ample ease.

Even though the latest technologies have made work faster and easier, the market’s cut-throat competition and price wars have become serious issues of concern. This price disparity has confused the clients a great deal.

Many clients who come to us are unaware of the treatments and their effects. They accumulate incomplete information from unauthentic sources and believe them. As the saying goes, ‘A little knowledge is dangerous.’ The fragmented information and inaccurate presumptions present them as slaughtered goats to many firms who exploit their condition and take advantage of it.

At Hebe, we try to counsel such people even if they do not seem to be a prospect for the business. We try to give our best in furnishing them with authentic information about the treatments. Moreover, to give them a hands-on experience and create faith in them, we initially provide them with one or two free treatment sessions.

To all the young budding entrepreneurs, it is my sincere advice that to become successful in your field; you first need to take expertise in your desirous skills. Continuous update of those skills is the next step. Be patient, forget about the number of games, and focus on brand creation. Eventually, the success will be yours.

With six years of experience as an entrepreneur, I have achieved a few things with time. Two clinics have been opened and are operating simultaneously in two areas of Delhi itself. A continuous add-on of modern technologies has been a regular thing in my business. Famous celebrities of Bollywood are my client.

My training centre in the city is doing fabulous work providing cosmetology training to people. My firm has been successful in creating employment, though at a small level. But to accelerate it, we are further planning to open more branches in and outside India and give the franchise to the interested as well

Not to boast of, but my achievements can be measured in terms of recognition my firm has received in the form of awards given to me. Recently, I received honors from Bollywood divas Shilpa Shetty, Lara Dutta, and Ameesha Patel, including the Brand Icon Award, International Glory Award, and National Icon Award for Best Aesthetician and Trichologist.

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