CAGRfunds: A FinTech Company Engaged in End-to-End Wealth Management


Culturally in India, investors need to have an extended financial plan. This adds a measure of complexity and needs to be factorized by the financial planners. In other words, markets that were focused on transaction or product selling in the past are now shifting their focus to become a one-stop solution provider.
Established in 2015, CAGRfunds is a financial planning company engaged in helping clients on simplifying their personal finance requirements. It utilizes the client relationship model to approach and understand each of its client’s requirements. It also uncovers the behavioral subtleties that influence its financial decision-making. In addition, CAGRfunds’ client centric model helps the company to stay engaged with its customers throughout their financial planning journey, thus helping them to become better investors.
CAGRfunds was initially exploring the all-digital route of reaching out to people but realized pretty soon that its clients still need a way of direct communication. Therefore, CAGRfunds re-positioned itself to focus on aligning with the investor’s requirements which has created the trust among existing clients making referrals a strong growth channel.
A Team of Enthusiastic Individuals
CAGRfunds has been founded by three partners named Vikash Agarwal, Shruti Agrawal and Siddharth Jain. The Co-founders share a core finance background and are extremely passionate about driving financial independence.
Since the inception of the company, Vikash has been instrumental in setting the vision of the company and leads business development of the organization. He is an ardent follower of renowned personalities like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. On the other hand, Shruti brings intense interest and passion to the table with her experience in both strategy and finance. She leads marketing, innovation and technology. Siddharth spearheads the entire eastern India operations for the company. His client relationship skills have provided an unmatchable thrust to the organization.
A Proprietary Investment Platform
CAGRfunds core offering is to make investing simple and convenient to execute. With this intent, the company has developed its proprietary investment platform which helps the clients to transact with a click of a button. It offers free investment service accounts on their website to make the investing process to be accomplished in just fifteen seconds.
The company ventured into online paperless platform to offer integrated, innovative, yet easy-to-use features that empower the users to invest, redeem and track their portfolio at no transaction cost. Powered by a strong research team and a proprietary investing platform, CAGRfunds is able to analyze its customer’s investments in a structured manner, along with automating the easy investing process. CAGRfunds strongly believes that personal finance is a space which is all about managing the client expectations and helping them to become a better investor.
However, it also believes that technology is a strong enabler to provide better services at a larger scale. But “Even today less than two percent of the Indian population has access to financial savings and majority of them are un-aware about financial security” asserts the founders. Hence, CAGRfunds constantly focuses on making its platform better every day. Its mission is to educate people and create awareness among them. Consequently, the entire team is extremely passionate about driving financial literacy and democratizing investing. In addition, it provides investment solutions in mutual funds, NPS, PMS and AIF and also provides tax planning and ITR filing services.
Guiding the Budding Investors
Being one of the few wealth management companies, it works on a continuous engagement basis. It strongly believes that unlike the popular notion, investing is neither about buy nor monitoring on a daily basis.
At CAGRfunds, the experts help young and early investors to begin their investments and guides & provide tools to manage their investment throughout their journey. This kind of engagement becomes very necessary especially in times of needs like change in government rules, taxation related updates, changes in fund management philosophy, changes in market valuations and so on.
Therefore, the experts help the budding investors to take the right financial decisions and ensure that they are providing innovative solutions to their client in order to stay ahead of the competition. The company’s fund selection mechanism is based on a very comprehensive and proprietary data driven algorithm, wherein it evaluates the funds on several quantitative metrics. Further, the company’s strong qualitative analysis makes its recommendations most suited to every single investor.
Additionally, they ensure to conduct annual review for their client’s investment portfolio and suggest changes, if warranted. They also help their clients maintain asset allocation as per their risk profile and do the rebalancing exercise annually. Today, they feel proud to have a retention rate upwards of 99%.
Achievements Accomplished Within Short Span of Time
In the span of almost three years of its existence, CAGRfunds has achieved several milestones. Firstly, the pilot of the company’s business started as an offline platform with offices established in Ranchi and Mumbai which led to a kick start to the online platform in October, 2016.
Secondly, in the month of October 2017, CAGRfunds launched the Beta version to its Android App, where individuals can make paperless transactions and invest in mutual funds without any further documentation once their account is active. Finally, the month of April, 2018 was filled with New Launches which includes portfolio review, NPS and ITR filing and reached a user-base of close to 1000 users.
Tracking the Future Milestones
CAGRfunds aims to be a full-fledged financial services company in the next five years. It is seeking to become a one stop solution for all financial needs of the segment that it’s catering to. In line with this, CAGRfunds is looking forward to expand its presence into insurance and lending in the near future.
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