Marwah Financial Services: A Specialized Independent Advisor in Financial Decision Making

Marwah Financial Services

Launched in 2008, Marwah Financial Services (MFS) is a customer focused financial services firm which offers personalized services. The company aims to be a trusted advisor for its clients personal on a platform of transparency and performance.
Driven by an entirely investor-centric approach, MFS is an appropriate mix of investment expertise, resource bandwidth and process orientation. It endeavors to simplify its investor’s journey to meet their financial goals, and also provides a good investment experience through innovation, consistency and sustained risk adjusted performance. At its core services, their customer needs and requirements separate them from other firms who believe in just selling financial products. Since the company follows a due diligence after knowing their customer return expectation and after understanding their risk, it blends different financial instruments for maximum wealth creation with minimal risk.
Thus, MFS is a one stop solution for all financial needs, be it advisory or services across different asset classes like Mutual Funds, Debt, Corporate & Government Bonds, Equity, Commodities, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Real Estate Advisory and so on.
A Financial Strategist
Abhishek Marwah is the Founder and CEO at Marwah Financial Services. Abhishek has done many professional certifications in financial markets in equities, derivatives, commodities, financial advisory and more. He is also a certified professional financial advisor (CPFA), NSE certified market professional (NCMP) and AMFI certified mutual fund advisor.
During his graduation days, he noticed that the financial service was the sector prone to hard selling and miss-selling, a service which everyone needs from a service class employee to a high net-worth investor (HNI). Being from a middle class and having his father from a banking background, Abhishek immediately spot an opportunity to create a customer-focused and service-oriented firm in the sector. Hence, he founded Marwah Financial in 2008 to offer affordable and authentic investment advice. The industry which then set off late has started to move from a sales oriented to advisory oriented industry. Still now, the importance of financial planning cannot be ignored by the founder in these times of volatile markets and economic instability.
Specialised Services for Clientele
MFS provides premium services from personal financial advisory, wealth management to financial planning. It is driven by the passion of touching the lives and not just managing client’s wealth.  The company is capable enough to disengage their clients from the arduous task of managing their wealth.
The specialised services that MFS offers are Advisory Broking, Wealth Management, and Financial Planning. Accordingly, it’s USP has been to ‘deliver’ more value than asked for, understand needs and risk in detail and then provides active portfolio management.
The benefit provided by the company to the clients is described as assured of trust, which is extremely important in a fiduciary relationship. The main idea of having an advisor is to understand that the customers can focus on their core work, job, and business by leaving the capital management to experts, who are carefully watching and scanning the dynamic investing environment.
Led to Prosperity
The journey from developing the interest in the financial markets to setting up the company has been very satisfying yet extremely challenging. Whereas, any new business goes through a lot of challenges from arranging finances to having the right people on board in creating a niche and acceptance for the products and services. But in fact all these challenges and overcoming them is what makes the whole experience extremely satisfying. During this journey, MFS has formed important partnerships, created a qualified and competent team of people. It has also set up the required systems and procedure required for the company to make it customer centric and operationally efficient. The biggest challenge right now is to build a team of passionate and capable people to take the business on to the aggressive expansion path.
Today, MFS has over 1000 marquee clients with both domestic and NRI clients. Thereupon, the company delivers services primarily from Delhi/NCR. It also focuses on executive’s works in the corporate sector. Further, it values the importance of professional financial advice as proper financial planning is intertwined with all lifetime family & personal goals.
Future Ahead
From a humble beginning, MFS has been able to grow out clientele to a sizeable proportion. A lot of financial services and advisory firm started during the boom of 2007. However most of them did not survive the financial crisis, the company survived and grew through different business cycles. Additionally, it has a minimal customer turnover which speaks volume about the service clients, who have received from the company.
Nowadays, MFS is working towards two fronts, firstly to diversify the geographic base of the clients both nationally and internationally by setting up a branch in Dubai to tap the broader NRI market. Secondly, it is operating on providing the best tech-based customer interface to their clients, by doing the relevant tie ups with different tech firms.
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