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Rohit Chabria | MD & CEO | Cebex

The physical or digital space is secured from vulnerabilities and threats by electronic security systems. Here assessing risks and consequences, and taking appropriate steps is crucial. The electronic security systems provide users with invaluable benefits. They offer the conveniences of access control, in-depth surveillance, and intrusion control. Thus the potential advantages of electronic security systems are indeed plentiful.

It’s all about products, people, technology and ongoing processes and partnering with a supplier that’s prepared to support you at every level. Established in 1997, CEBEX Security Systems is one of the leading supplier and integrator of a wide variety of embedded systems in the Electronic Security domain. It specializes in design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of myriad Electronic Security Solutions. Under the leadership of experienced professionals CEBEX insures best industry solution and has been able to achieve many milestone and global recognition.

This interview highlights the consistent endeavors of team CEBEX that treads the extra mile to quench the needs of its clients with utmost excellence.

IS: Kindly brief us about the company.

Over the past 2 decades, CEBEX has established itself as one of the leading firms in the field of Electronic Security Solutioning. We offer Electronic Security Solution Consultancy and Integration, laying high emphasis on system design and service standards. We are suppliers, installers and integrators of multiple world-renowned brands cutting across all verticals of electronic security solutions. We also provide maintenance and security audits of existing systems.

IS: What are the distinct products and services provided by your company, setting you apart from your competitors?

Well, the company has standard offerings that most SI’s bring to the table that include CCTV, Access & Attendance, Intrusion & Fire Alarms, and Entrance and Perimeter Controls. Cebex sets itself apart in bespoke designing and integration of various facets of the above solutions to solve specific industry-related or productivity-related problems.

Our offering ‘CamCheck™’ is a brand agnostic Remote CCTV Health Monitoring and Audit tool that has vowed clients and industry-colleagues alike.  The solution ensures online (or in-premises if preferred) automated checking of all components of the CCTV system, including cameras, recording devices, hard disks and network equipment every five minutes. The solution delivers real-time alerts to unlimited users in event of failure, (and restoration) and even stores photo evidence at every check interval, for review / audit / or compliance purposes.

A problem of under-billing with one of our prime hospitality clients, for e.g, is attempted to being solved using High End Face Recognition and AI tools. Failure to follow movement protocols in a high-security plant is being solved with the use of Bluetooth beacons. A large manufacturing unit has been advised to use video analytics to detect leaks in crucial pipes. This kind of solutioning and innovative use of technology sets it apart from most of the competition today.

IS: What are the key attributes that helped the company to overcome the challenges?

Flexibility to embrace new challenges that each different client faces. Adaptability to learn about and adopt new technology to solve new-age threats and problems. Agility of our team to get up and go on a moment’s notice to complete time-sensitive critical projects, a trait especially appreciated by our huge HNI client-base. These are some of the attributes we are proud of, at Cebex

IS: What is the current scenario of Networking and Security industry, from the company’s point of view? With the massive advancements in this industry, what are the opportunities and challenges evolving with it? 

Networking is an integral part of all verticals in the electronic security industry today. Software is driving the integration of technologies across platforms and locations. IP technology in all verticals is par for the course, and Cebex has taken this in their stride, tying up with multiple OEMs and technology partners to add value to their clients’ solutions.

The extensive use of networking has opened up many more avenues for solutioning. This will ultimately lead to the demise of the less knowledgeable and adaptable players, open the road to collaboration, and ultimately bring about consolidation in the security industry.

IS: What are the benefits gained by the clients while doing business with the company? 

Integrity is the cornerstone of Cebex’s existence. It leads to better design, optimal solutioning, perfect technology fits, and the best possible service standards, all of which ultimately ensure that the client is getting the best bang for their buck.

IS: What is the role of the employees behind the company’s success? Share measures to keep them motivated and ready for changes.

The technical team at Cebex is the fulcrum of the lever, that is Cebex. Most engineers and team leads have worked between 8-12 years at Cebex. The core team at the office is responsible for continually maintaining high operational and service standards. Both these teams are motivated by the standards set and practiced by the Founder Rohit Chabria, and flourish in the environment of flexible working conditions, which also offers just reward during pressured times.

IS: What would be your advice for the budding startups and entrepreneurs in the industry?

Simply put – Put your customer 1st. Always.

Never compromise on your service standards. Demand what is your worth in order to reach that goal, but deliver at a level that will surpass the value for money the client is expecting.

IS: Brief us about the company’s future perspectives.

Cebex is now a Company that offers the best of hardware and software solutioning in the electronic security space today. Along with the multiple Saas(Software as a Service) solutions on offer, the Company is set to expand it’s client base and adopt an even bigger role in security solutioning across the nation. 

About the MD & CEO

Rohit Chabria has spent 22 years heading Cebex from a small proprietorship to the Company that it is today. Laying high emphasis on bespoke solutioning to suit each client, Rohit proudly sets the bar for the high integrity and service standards that define the Company today. He has wowed clients like Harsh Mariwala, Lalit Modi and Karan Johar, and built systems and processes to retain corporates such as RIL and D’décor as clients for years on end. With an attrition rate of under 8% per annum, his team puts a high price on loyalty, largely motivated by the example he leads by.

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