“MI Skills for My Life” is available at India’s biggest and oldest book fair

MI Skills for My Life is available at the India's biggest and oldest book fair

Delhi, January 7th, 2020: “MI Skills for My Life” is available at India’s biggest and oldest book fair at a 10% discount in hall number 11 at stall numbers 327 to 332, in Pragati Maidan.

MI Skills for My Life is also available at all the major book retail outlets as well as, in Kindle and Paperback versions.

The book ensures that students, irrespective of their fundamental differences, are furnished with a level playing field to reach their full potential.

The book was launched on the auspicious occasion of the GPSC workshop held on 17th Dec 2019, by esteemed guests – Capt. Indu Boken Kasana (DEO, Gurugram) and Dr. Roma Kumar (Clinical Psychologist).

In the workshop, the esteemed panel also included Mrs. Mamta Sharma (Coordinator of the Synchro Study Program, AIS-46) Mrs. Lubna Seth and Mrs. Sumity Kapoor. They shared their valuable thoughts on the essence of the book.

With over 28 years of experience as a teacher, a mentor, a trainer, a skilled developer, and a tireless worker for the cause of kids, Ms. Arti Chopra conducted a workshop following the book launch event on enhancing learning through Multiple Intelligence or MI. There were many engrossing activities for the teachers during the workshop including a self-analysis on the eight MI criterion. Arti ma’am also made the teachers become comfortable with each other by an involving activity. Each teacher then had to make a lesson plan, keeping in mind the 8 Intelligences necessary for the growth of young minds. Enhancing the visual-spatial intelligence of teachers, ma’am encouraged everyone to make big meaningful shapes like squares, triangles, etc. from tangrams and, creating logos from Judo straws while working in groups. To check the understanding of teachers from this engrossing workshop, each group was given an Intelligence out of the 8 to be performed upon in a creative manner.

The key takeaways from this workshop were that it is important to cater to the different needs of children, understand and respect their strengths and weaknesses. To break the monotony of the classroom, it is important to include fun elements and introduce topics in an interesting and lively manner. But, without constantly working on our own skills the noble task that we have upon ourselves will not be complete. After all, MI is a concept that recognizes that each individual possesses this intelligence in different proportions.

About the Author – Arti Chopra

Ms. Arti Chopra has been in the field of Education for over 28 years, teaching, mentoring, training, planning, developing skills in the premier Institutions of the country. A graduate in Economics from Lady Shree Ram College, DU, and an alumnus of Punjab University and MDU, from where she did her master’s and a degree in Education, respectively, she has been instrumental in building strength through innovations and development of Quality Management Systems and processes. Her zeal and interest in Human Resource Development have taken her ahead to do Masters in Business Administration from Amity University. Apart from being a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert, she has been nominated as Microsoft Educator Expert Fellow at Microsoft in Education #SkypeMT! #MIEExpert @Skypeclassroom.


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