Changing Business Landscape with E-Commerce


Today, we live in a globally connected world. So as to grow the business or to expand the business in wide scale, we should be aware of the current trends and should keep a track on the sectors in which one wants to expand in. With no doubt, today the e-commerce sector is growing at a massive pace and evolving faster like a bullet train.
With the help of various reports and independent surveys, it is found that the last calculated revenue of the e-commerce is almost grown to 33% worldwide, whereas, it is expected that a strong growth is soon to be observed in the coming years. There already exist numerous e-commerce businesses which have established themselves well and trying hard to achieve success. To avoid falling down behind the competition, one needs to know the trends in the e-commerce sector.
E-commerce represents all business dealing with the electronic processing, whereas on the other hand, M-commerce implies trading through wireless handheld devices. In short, previously, buying and selling were done through the internet browsing and website hopping. Later on the extension to this the commercial activities now also conducted by the telecommunication devices with easy access to the internet.
So, here are the top trends expected in the business, which will help us to understand the growth and the opportunities in the sector.

  • User-Friendly Websites and Apps

A major population of the world is aware of the internet usage. Almost everyone uses smartphones, tablets and other portable internet supported devices. Thus, it is very convenient too for everyone to browse the websites of E-commerce companies.
In the recent era, we have observed the majority of people use the mobile, because it saves the time, save the money, and the efforts of customers. With this thought e-commerce companies have started developing the mobile apps i.e. started entering into the M-commerce. Started developing app’s and websites too, with a very catchy, user-friendly and with Responsive Design. Responsive Design delivers the better user interface, better viewing experience with easy reading, scrolling, and resizing experience. Today, majority of the E-commerce companies uses Responsive Design on their websites and in mobile apps as well.

  • More Personalized Content

For every business, there is a need for very powerful, interesting and attractive content, in short, a compelling content to grab the customer’s attention. Content is what the major reasons that people follow the brands, and this content actually helps in increasing a sales and loyalty of the brand. From the research it is found that only the content is not sufficient for marketing, but also the small videos, GIF’s, Online Storytelling this all will improve the sales.

  • Impact of Social Commerce

Social media is now a day has become a part of everyone’s life. The biggest current trend is the inclusion of e-commerce in social networks. The major reason of inclusion of commerce is that the very strong and powerful support of the internet and where the great availability of low-cost smartphones and low rates of data plans have played a crucial role in exploring the market across the world.
Before 21st century, the marketing strategy was that shoppers personally go to the customers, wherever the customer is. But, today, because of innovative e-commerce technology the new customer database is generating rapidly, also showcasing the products with the best content is easier. Business must need to leverage the total potential of social with systematic, planned and very proper way.

  • Faster Service

Every business is dependent on the customer. Thus, it is expected to provide very proper services to their customers. A good customer service and on-time delivery of products are what expectations of customers, and all the companies are trying their best to provide the best customer service than other companies. The competition is so high now a day that everyone is trying their best for the success. After all, for the customers, the experience is important. So that companies must have to improve and upgrade their systems to provide the best experience to their customers. The success can be achieved, only if companies are consistently upgrading their systems. This will helps business module in development and job creation because of the existing network they have.

  • Increasing Trust in E-commerce Companies

In the today’s smart world, it is very difficult to achieve the trust of the customers in online mode or an online transaction. But, the best thing is that the trust between the buyer and seller is getting increasing, from every point of view. This is because of the electronic transaction system, better security mechanism, and delivery system.

  • The Invention of New Technologies and Devices

The world is growing faster. Innovative new technologies and devices are launching. The excellent technologies like facial recognition, virtual fitting rooms plays the crucial role in the e-commerce business. The latest technology of Google Glasses, I Watch and other technologies are helping e-commerce industry to grow with an easy access to the internet.
New technologies are helping e-commerce in providing the broad access to consumers. And, also, these devices will provide easy access of internet within easily reachable distance and customers can get rapid updates on the price change, promotions offered to consumers more of the time.

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