Chemco Group of Companies: A Global Manufacturer in Plastic Industry Delivering High-Class Products

Chemco Group of Companies
Chemco Group of Companies

Nowadays, the Indian plastic industry is undergoing a paradigm shift due to the presence of world-leading technologies. Continuous developments in Plastic technology, processing machinery, expertise, and cost-effective manufacturing are replacing the traditional materials rapidly. With the increasing competition in the global market and the constant drive to improve the living standards of humans, the opportunity for the use of plastics is foreseeable to make a radical growth in the coming years.
In an interview with Insights Success, Shri Ramawatar Saraogi, the Founder, Promoter, and Chief Managing Director of Chemco Group of Companies, gave some perceptive views which highlights the unique, innovative, and high quality products the company manufactures and delivers to its customers.

  1. Kindly brief us about Chemco Group of Companies.

The Chemco Group laid its foundation in 1980. Quality has remained the backbone of the company. Due to faith and belief in excellence, Chemco today supplies to various quality conscious big brands, that know if a superior product is desired – Chemco is the only way to go.
With various manufacturing facilities around the world, Chemco has over 150 machines including Husky, Krauss Maffei, Nissei ASB, Dr. Boy, Automa, Ferromatik Milacron, Fong Kee and Reifenhauser among others. Chemco’s customers always remain one step ahead of their competition. The group celebrates market leadership in various products along with a strong global presence.
Chemco is the only company that can provide its customers with an entire range of high-quality products. World class manufacturing facilities with strict norms ensure that products manufactured are of the highest quality standards and conform to all industry requirements. Using only the latest machines and equipment, Chemco can provide better efficiency and quality compared to alternatives and remains the go-to supplier for medium and large-scale customers. 

  1. What are the different products and services provided by your company, which is setting you apart from your competitors?

Chemco has various products that can be broadly summariZed into the following groups:

  • Preforms FMCG, Bottles and Containers, Jars, Caps and Closures, Baby Feeding Bottles, Liquid Silicone Rubber Teats and Feeding Accessories, Multilayer Film, Injection Molding including engineering parts, Blow Molded Parts, Nettings and Mesh, Bath Loofah, Insulation, Insulated Roofing Systems, Bubble Film, Metallic Film etc.
  • Injection and Blow Molded Products | Shrink Films | Multilayer Metallic Bubble Rolls

Each product is manufactured using only the best in class machines and equipment while utilizing the highest quality approved raw materials. Every product has a separate team of marketing, accounts, operations, logistics, after sales and management individuals that are experts in their fields. Chemco is One Stop Solution for all Packaging Needs.

  1. Brief us about the Founder/ Director /CEO, and what was the source of inspiration for your company to be in the Plastic Industry.

The Founder, Promoter and Chief Managing Director (C.M.D.) of the Chemco Group of Companies, Shri Ramawatar Saraogi (Center), has an M.S. in Plastic Engineering, U.S.A. He holds quite a few patents in his name. His vision and technical expertise have made the group a pioneer in many products. His two sons, Mr. Gaurav Ram Saraogi (Left) and Mr. Vaibhav Ram Saraogi (Right), have also joined the business after completing their education from U.S.A, they bring a fresh approach to the operations of the group.

  1. What are few of the challenges faced by the company in the plastics industry, today?

Plastic Industry in India is currently facing a lot of heat from various environmental bodies and state governments. There is a constant threat to the longevity of the business, and hence customers are scared of new investments in this industry. The issue originates with the littering of plastic flexibles such as carry bags etc.; however, the entire plastic packaging industry (including rigid plastics) is facing serious review by governments worldwide. In addition to this, price stability on major raw materials and low customer loyalty are some of the other challenges faced by the plastics industry today.

  1. What is the technology used in manufacturing your products?

Chemco believes in investing in the latest and best technologies available. We work with Industry leaders like HUSKY and Krauss Maffei for PET preform manufacturing through Injection Molding Process. We work with Industry leader ASB, Kautex for our container Division and Reifenhauser’s multi-layer shrink film line. Chemco has a thin and heavily monitored list of machine suppliers, only the very best concerning efficiency, quality, and overall superiority are selected.

  1. Share with us how the company is contributing to its sector in the industry and what makes you a unique player in this field.

Chemco has the most extensive variety of products to meet all our customers’ requirements. We continually play a vital role in light-weighting and cost reduction of packaging to help our customers reap greater benefits while helping the environment. Chemco works with all its customers at a deep level to provide value without compromising on the fundamental defined purpose of the packaging.

  1. Kindly explain us your advantages over your peers.

Economies of scale and intense quality focus are some of the advantages Chemco brings to the table. All plant locations are strategically located to serve our major customers, we are always one step ahead in terms of technology and related investments compared to some of our peers. Chemco executes not only local (Indian) contracts but also global agreements that allow customers to benefit from Chemco’s locations around the world with the same level of precision and savings.

  1. What are the benefits gained by your clients while doing business with you?

Constant up-gradations in all aspects of business allow our customers to stay one step ahead of their competition at all times. Ever changing norms of the industry and the government and strict adherence ensure sustainability, which allows customers to bank on Chemco for all their requirements. By providing various processes under one roof, Chemco reduces the time spent by the customer with various vendors and allows them to concentrate on their core activities. In addition to this, Chemco also has multiple support departments such as design, testing, 3D and rapid prototyping etc. that helps the customer reach a decision faster and more efficiently. We work on a 360-degree model which allows scalability and quick turnaround times for any new project and constant improvement whenever possible with existing customers.

  1. How do you see yourself and the company in the future ahead?

Chemco intends to grow faster than the overall industry’s generic growth. Various new projects are already in the execution phase, including new Greenfield projects in Halol and Sanand. In addition to this, Chemco is also close to announcing the launch of some very innovative products that will change the direction of the packaging industry dramatically. These new investments would leapfrog Chemco to a new league in short to medium term. We are intending to increase our customer base across segments and further enhancing our product portfolios.

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